Brought home a used Honda Civic: 7 likes & 5 dislikes after 2000 km

Mileage is good for its size. I was able to extract 15 km/L on highways and 12 km/L in city.

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Would like to share our latest purchase in this forum as my 1st post. Thanks Mods for approving team-bhp membership. We have a 1st gen Honda Amaze - Diesel serving us for last 9.5 years and recently marked 1L ODO during our last vacation. The idea for getting another vehicle was in consideration from 2019 but we stop proceeding the plan due to Covid lock downs and minimal usage. There was two choices, 1 - To sell Amaze and get a brand new car or 2 - Keep Amaze for city use and get a pre-owned car with good safety and comfortable cruiser for highway. And we took 2nd option.

In Jan 2023, we bought our 2nd Car, 10th Gen Honda Civic ZX Petrol. Other options considered was to buy Jeep Compass Diesel either brand-new or Pre-Owned. While writing this, I have driven 2k kms and 90% in highways.


  • 1.8L NA Engine is fuel efficient with CVT gear box, super silent and NVH levels are mind-blowing.(I compare NVH with my Honda Amaze 1.5L diesel) Our 4 year old slept without any disturbance in our last trip for almost 6 hours. Thanks to the rear multi-link suspension!
  • It looks beautiful with low-slung, coupe like finish in the rear, sharp character line running from front fender to tail and a kink towards rear door to give a sporty back.
  • Comfortable cruiser, highway stability is very good and R17 alloys with 215/50 profile is best suit for this vehicle in my opinion.
  • Mileage is good for its size. I was able to extract 15 in highways and 12 in city.
  • OEM audio is good and no sound distortion even when the volume is high.
  • Features like Electronic parking break saves a lot of space, Break hold in Drive mode helps in traffic signals, Car locks automatically if you move away few meters with key in your pocket.
  • Last but not least, the trouble free ownership with Honda Service.


  • As pointed out already in many forums, ingress/egress is not easy.
  • I'm 5'11 and BMI is within limits but I had back pain during initial days of my driving in this car. I remember reading GTO mentioned this in his review. I use to prefer low-slung, laid back seat adjustment but this doesn't worked out. Later I increase the seat height and now I don't feel the back pain.
  • Car is quick in acceleration but not as good as in D-segment standard. Over taking confidence in highways is high in my Amaze compare to this. Sports mode helps, however I'll do a hill trip to check further.
  • Boot space is 430 litres. 30 liters more than Amaze. At least Honda would have provided back seat fold option which is available in other countries.
  • I'm not a big fan of LED head light setup, illumination is good in pitch dark condition but not effective in 2 lane roads or roads illuminated with lights. Similar experience in my Ninja as well

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