BS-VI emission norms coming in 2021

Earlier this year, we had reported that the Government of India was planning to introduce BS-VI emission norms in the country by 2023. According to media reports, the roll out could be advanced by two years to 2021. The government claims that it does not want to delay the introduction of stricter norms in order to control the rising pollution caused by vehicles.

A draft issued by the road transport ministry instructs manufacturers to produce only BS-V compliant four wheelers from April 2019 and only BS-VI compliant four wheelers from April 2021. Manufacturers will be given a one year grace period from the date of enforcement of the norms to ensure that their existing models meet the necessary emission standards.

Since the proposed gap between the implementation of the two norms is not too long, the ministry expects manufacturers to skip the production of BS-V complaint cars and start manufacturing BS-VI complaint vehicles.

India is approximately 5 years behind Europe in emission norms. The earlier BS-VI norms are introduced, the quicker can the gap to Europe be closed.

At present, BS-III compliant vehicles are on sale in most parts of the country. BS-IV norms are expected to be implemented in April 2017. BS-IV fuel, which is available only in forty cities at the moment, will be sold all over the country from 2017.

Source: ET Auto

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