Budget Rs. 25 lakh: Need a replacement for my preowned Mahindra XUV500

I like the Taigun but my daughter wants a panoramic sunroof. That’s the only thing that she looks for.

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Hello guys,

This is my first post here on Team-BHP. Have been an avid follower of the forum for years now. The passion and attention to detail of members here is unmatched. I trust posts here more than expert reviews I read elsewhere on popular car blogs.

Now coming to my question:

I’m a 40 year old with a teenage daughter and a wife. The three of us are the ones who generally travel in our car. My parents are with us only occasionally. I currently drive a pre-owned XUV500 which I’ve used for 6 years out of 10 it has been used overall. I and my family absolutely love it and I know I don’t need to go into why owners love their XUV500s.

However, given the age of the car and the hard and long clutch in my manual, driving in bumper-to-bumper Mumbai traffic is really hurting my left leg bad. I’m out in the market looking for a car somewhere in the range of 20-25 lakhs. I’ve shortlisted the following cars:

Volkswagen Taigun GT+:

I like the Taigun but my daughter wants a panoramic sunroof. That’s the only thing that she looks for. Hence, this option is out

Tata Harrier top model:

This one feels almost similar to my XUV500, which is great. Just that the car is too large (again similar to XUV500) and hence difficult to drive in a city. Also, all the driver controls and material inside felt cheap.

Jeep Petrol Limited: (
All of us loved this one)

Smaller dimensions, large sunroof, premium cabin and excellent to drive. Only negative is the price.

MG Astor top model:

I’ve added this one to my list just now, yet to TD. This one seems like a good combination of everything I’m looking for. Small dimensions (as compared to my XUV500), large sunroof, premium cabin and also well within my budget. Just that I’m not sure if things are as good as they seem, especially given it’s a Chinese brand. I also don’t see a crash test rating.

So now, I’m confused between the 3rd and the 4th option above. Should I go for the safe but expensive option 3 or try my luck with option 4?

I can stretch my budget upto 30 if it comes to it - 25 is not a hard limit. And I plan to keep this car for the next 4-5 years and then upgrade to 1 or 2 segments above.

I’d really appreciate some guidance from the members here. Thanks a lot!

Here's what BHPian BleueNinja had to say on the matter:

I understand that the Taigun option is out but my two cents are that I personally would have gone for the Taigun GT+. It's more fun to drive than the other two and not to forget it has a better fuel economy over highways. Where Taigun lacks is that it doesn't have the fit and finish that Compass and Astor have but, it isn't something that you can't live with either. I must clarify, when I say it's more fun to drive I mean from a petrol engine performance perspective it's more engaging. If we take the Compass diesel in account then the Compass is the winner hands down.

 Jeep is certainly the premium of the lot but commands a hefty premium as well and I don't think the turbo petrol is as fun to drive as the Taigun nor is it economical. If you want to go for the Compass i would recommend the diesel variant (granted you can stretch your budget). Diesel is fun to drive and has good mileage figures.

I personally would skip the Astor due to uncertainty regarding government's outlook on Chinese products, limited service centres and uninspiring performance. If you were to take a test drive of the Taigun, Compass and Astor back to back, I am sure you wouldn't be impressed with the Astor.

Here's another wildcard, If you are considering extending your budget till 30 lakhs for Compass's top variant maybe give Hyundai Tucson a shot?

Here's what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:

Jeep Compass is the perfect premium car for a small family like yours. It is expensive, but also has the kind of quality and driving manners like nothing else in its price range. I will suggest that you look for pre loved options. One year old Compasses are to be had for 5L less than the on road price. Diesel is the fuel or choice here.

Here's what BHPian RiverRanger hand to say on the matter:

Considering you are a family guy whose daughter's opinion has a say in the matter, Astor will be the perfect car:

  • Compact footprint.
  • Loaded with features- including some really useful ones (ADAS) and some gimmicky yet entertaining ones (AI assistant)- not to forget the panoramic sunroof which only the rear passengers get to feel and experience!
  • Premium and quiet cabin.
  • Solid build quality (no crash testing but Team BHP reviews confirms the solid build).
  • Great ride quality- rides over potholes.
  • Better handling than its larger cousin Hector.

You don't drive more than 500Km per month- so petrol it should be (Petrol engines have much better NVH levels as well). After 4-5 years, when you upgrade, you can hope to experience superior engines but for the time being, Astor's Turbo Petrol automatic should fit your needs.

MG's Chinese origins have always under the scanner. But MG really is a British firm, which has Chinese ownership now- quite like Volvo which also has a Chinese ownership. As a matter of fact, the iconic Ambassador car was based on a Morris Oxford Series 3 model. Old car aficionados do remember the Morris Motors brand. MG India has done well and carved a niche for itself for solid, feature rich, tech savvy vehicles which offer good comfort.

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