Budget Rs. 7 lakh: Buy a used Amaze or stretch for a new Tiago iCNG

The car should be reliable, cheap to run, own and maintain. This is the prime criteria.

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My friend is looking to buy his first car in the family. Looking at my interest in cars, he turned towards me for the advice. He/his family are a complete newbie towards cars.

Set of requirements:

  • Should be reliable,cheap to run, own and maintain. This is the prime criteria.
  • Family of four, below average height.
  • Should be easy to drive in city.
  • Budget - 7 lakhs. Currently he is thinking of stretching to 8.64 L and get a Tiago I CNG XZ+.
  • However, this (7 lakhs includes majorly loan amount) is quite a stretch for him and is confused.
  • Yearly running - 10K kms.


  • Tiago I CNG XT/XZ+.
  • Grand I 10 Nios Magna CNG.
  • Honda Amaze IDTEC VX (57K run,Dec 2016 model).
  • Maruti Ignis Zeta 1.3 (45K run, 2017 model).

He was apprehensive of preowned cars, but now that I have suggested him for the same, he is now thinking on the same lines.

Quoted price for Amaze and Ignis are 5.75 L and 6 L (negotiable) respectively. Both are single owner cars. Have checked the Amaze and Ignis, and both appear to be in great condition. The go ahead will be given only if both cars get a green signal from Honda and Maruti service dealership.

Considering he is extremely tight on budget, I believe the preowned options (especially Amaze) make more sense, however, would like your opinions, considering this is his first car in the family.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

First car and clearly a close friend. Tell him to go for a new car. Reasons = if the used car turns out to be troublesome, he will be upset with you. New car is new car, especially when it's the first car of the family and hence, something that will bring immense pride & joy.

The Tiago CNG is one of the best implemented CNG systems I have seen. Between this and a used Amaze, better he goes for a new Tiago CNG.

Keeping his requirements in mind, he should also consider a new Maruti hatchback, something like a WagonR or an Ignis.

Here's what BHPian AZT had to say on the matter:

Just a heads up on the recent CNG price hike news. Your friend needs to realize if a yearly 10k run justifies buying a CNG and the decreased boot space, lining up at pumps etc. that comes with it.

Here's what BHPian Chetan_Rao had to say on the matter:

The Wagon R 1.2 would be a good addition to the choices list. Peppy, spacious, frugal, effortless to drive, fits the budget. It's a 'big' car in a small car form factor, and for small car money. I've recently been driving my dad's Wagon R 1.2 around town a fair bit and also drove it 1600 kms on a highway run. It's fantastic for what it is.

If your friend would prefer something a little less spacious but more contemporarily styled, look at the Ignis.

I'd avoid compact CNG hatchbacks as family cars, the boot is practically unusable.

Here's what BHPian sumeethaldankar had to say on the matter:

Wagon R/Celerio should be the choices he should be looking at. For a first car I would prefer something like a hatchback since he is complete newbie. A used car will come with its issues like eg was the car in a accident? or was it flood affected? etc. A new fresh car is the best option. Let him feel the new car smell rather than bear the soiled interiors of a used car.

Good luck.

Here's what BHPian sidpunjabi had to say on the matter:

My vote is for a new car, especially since you've mentioned that he and his family are newbies towards cars.

Instead of specifying a particular make/model, I would like to add another point of view:

I'm going to assume that the used car is out of OEM warranty. So at some point, he's going to need to head to a mechanic / FNG since older / used cars usually have a lower tolerance level to the regular abuse faced on our roads vs. their new-from-factory counterparts. Since it's the first car in the family, even the smallest dent/ scratch/ breakdown can feel monumental.

You never forget your first

Add to it the hunt for a. FNG, which could be a bit daunting for him at first (and that's assuming the mechanic doesn't take him for a ride - pun intended).

With new cars and extended warranties, there's that little peace of mind since ASCs usually don't mess with under-warranty cars. He can use this time to research on his car, find good FNGs and mechanics and just get better acquainted with the whole processes of taking care of his baby.

In the long run, a new car will be a win.

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