Budget Rs. 75 lakh: Buying a fast car in India for 2 years

I'm open to buying a new M340i as well, but the depreciation hit would be big.

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Hello everyone,

I need a fast car for 2 years in india. I browsed leasing options, but the prices are exorbitantly high, 1.3L a month for a G30 530d. For that 31 lakh,  I reckon i could buy an F10 530d. I'm open to buying a new M340i as well, but the depreciation hit would be big. Other option I thought of is to buy and sell used, possibly a G30 530d or a G20 330i M Sport. Its not possible to buy 80L Mustangs or Caymans as it would be seen too exorbitant. For buying new; 75L budget. What could be done?

Honestly speaking, the budget actually is about 20L. That is no more than 20L expenses behind the car such as service, consumables such as oil, insurance and depreciation except fuel. Say buying at 75L and selling at about 65L and other 10L in expenses mentioned before. 2 door cars such as the Z4, R8 and Porsches certainly will be judged upon. Maybe an M3 could pass undetected as ricer 3 Series? Current thoughts are around a used G20 or G30 for about 45-60L with a piggyback tune or a JCW for 45L and M3 but I really don't know what it could sell for again. Could a litre bike work instead of a fast car? I do not know how to ride motorbikes and also they don't seem even close to safe.

Is the AMG C63s difficult to get hold of? How about an M6 Gran Coupe? What is the yearly cost such as maintenance, insurance and spares of these V8 cars like? Are the 6 cylinder ones significantly cheaper?

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Best for you to go used, man. A new 75-lakh car will have depreciated like crazy in 2 years.

Best options:

  • A used G30 530d or even M5 if you're lucky. Have seen F10 M5s way under your budget.
  • A pre-owned Porsche, be it a Cayman or a 911. I remember seeing a 6-speed MT 911 on Big Boy Toyz a couple of months back. Asking was ~70 lakhs.
  • Mini Cooper S. Way too much fun. But more suited to someone with a 20 - 30 lakh wallet than one with 75 lakhs.
  • The used + sporty options for that kind of money are insane. M3s & M4s (one more),R8s, Z4s. My suggestion = don't be particular about any specific model. If you find something fast that feels "just right" when you drive it, is well-maintained & has a clean history, go for it.

Happy shopping. Let us know what you finally ended up with.

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Buy a Skoda Octavia vRS 245/230, if you can find one. If you're not happy with the power on tap, go for a remap and sell it at the end of your two year stint. It can still give 80-90% of the fun as against the other cars you're contemplating.VRS holds good value. This is an option which you can explore if you're concerned about the depreciation hit on a new car and hence the loss you'll suffer after two years while selling. Well, you can only minimize the damage but can't avoid it totally.

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I would strongly advise against going for motorbikes & that too litre-class ones without any prior experience of bike riding.

Refer this thread for more information. Some excellent Dos/Don'ts shared by our forum members there.

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I would recommend looking at the Audi S5. It’s 350bhp and 500Nm of torque. You might find a 2-3 year old pre facelift version for 50-60L.

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This thread has a lot of contradicting and confusing statements. It's best you be clear about what your requirement and also your budget. And most importantly whether you want a bike or a car, you aren't even fully clear on that.

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