Burgman Street 125 owner test drives the Triumph Speed 400

To summarize the performance in one sentence – The bike doesn’t roll, it flies

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A Burgman Street 125 owner test drives the Triumph Speed 400

Hi all, bit of background on my experience with bikes (or lack thereof) -

  • For the last 10 years have only driven scooters – first my dad’s Access 125 and now my own Burgman 125.
  • The bike bug began gnawing at me in Feb ’23, and have been passively following bike news since then.
  • I got a chance to drive my cousin's Classic 350 briefly in April (with him sitting behind me)
  • In May, I began driving to the office (60km roundtrip) on my scooter to get used to driving.
  • I got my MCWG (Motorcycle With Gear) license in August, having practiced on a Splendor - I already had the MCWOG license.

The Speed and Scrambler had instantly excited me when I saw the launch – getting carried away by the hype train I booked the Scrambler 400X as soon as I passed my DL test.

Having read the horror stories of Keerthi Triumph, I gave them a very wide berth and instead booked at Khivraj E-City even though that’s more than 20km from my house. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Khivraj Whitefield a few days later – given the proximity to my office, I couldn’t resist and went in for a test drive.

The procedure was fairly seamless – needed to show my DL, scan a QR, and fill out the test ride form. Shoes and pants were mandatory (unlike beloved Keerthi, no demand for “jeans only”).

And now, coming to the bike itself –

  • Despite being 75kg heavier than my scooter, I felt no difficulty at all while pushing it, taking it off the stand, turning, etc.
  • Being 5’11, I didn’t feel any major issues with the low seat, at least on the short test drive.
  • The rearview mirrors felt small compared to my scooter but I guess it’s manageable since they are bar end.
  • The bike starts moving very smoothly when the clutch is released.
  • However, I could not for the life of me figure out how to smoothly engage the throttle is applied – I always felt a jerk as the gear engaged – could be my noobishness rearing its head.
  • To summarize the performance in one sentence – The bike doesn’t roll, it flies. I couldn’t believe just how fast I was able to pick up speed and overtake. Then again this was my first proper solo bike ride, so I guess the novelty will wear off.
  • The fan is pretty loud and I felt a hot blast of air on my left leg. I suppose some heating is to be expected on all bikes, but idk if it should be felt that strongly. Probably need to test drive a KTM 390 ADV and see

Overall, I liked the engine – and am eagerly waiting for a chance to TD the Scrambler 400X, as that might be better suited to my height.

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