Buying a used out of state Ford Mustang

Is it worth doing this for an out of state car? What sort of taxes am I likely to pay?

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I am looking to buy Mustang (2016 model). Issue is all used cars I'm finding are out of state and I'm a resident of Maharashtra. The cost of the car I wish to buy is around 60 lakhs. I am worried about the road tax etc., that I might face while re-registering to a Maharashtra number. Is it worth doing this for an out of state car? What sort of taxes am I likely to pay?

Also, the car has a VIP number. Will I be able to retain this number? Thank you for your time and help.

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In Karnataka, you can pay KA road tax and receive a new RC card retaining the same out-of-state number. Optionally you can also apply for a KA number - but this is not mandatory. However, having an out of state number is an invitation to get stopped by police, etc. so most people get a KA number.

I don't see why you would want to take the trouble to look outside MH - I am sure there is ample choice in MH.

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The Road Tax is generally for 15 years. So, if you are buying a 5-year-old car, you will have to pay the tax for the remaining 10 years. Some states calculate using a depreciation of value method, where you have to pay a certain percentage for a particular age. Some states have an option of paying for 5 years irrespective of the age of the car.

Tax rate (%) is calculated just like a new car, based on the invoice value of the new car, particular variant.

Other than Road Tax, there isnt much of an expense (may be broker fees, and green cess etc.) while transferring to other states.

You will have to physically show the car to the RTO inspector for him to verify the engine number and chassis number, only then will he allow you to pay the tax.

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