Cadillac wishes competitors on Valentines Day on Twitter


Cadillac USA posted a series of tweets tagging rival carmakers on Valentines Day with messages ending in a heart emoji. While Jaguar, BMW and Lexus took part in the conversation, Tesla, Audi and Mercedes didn’t reply back.

The first tweet tagging Mercedes USA said, "Long distance can be difficult, but we can make it work". While Mercedes didn’t respond back, tyre maker Michelin posted a GIF of a tri star car along with a 'you complete me' wording. It was accompanied by a "Lets give them something to talk about, our most-commented friend". To this, the German carmaker replied with "You make our wheels go round".

Cadillac also tagged BMW with "Is your GPS working? Because we're lost in your headlights", to which it got the reply - "That’s because our Angel Eyes are out of this world". Cadillac replied to his by saying, "Let's dim our lights and see where this thread takes us".

Jaguar too was tagged by Cadillac when the latter tweeted "Meow". To this the British brand replied, "Should we Escalade this to the next level?" This was followed by "Just don’t leave scratch marks" and Jaguar responded - "Power-sliding into the DMs".

Meanwhile Lexus was tagged in a tweet saying, "We don’t care what anyone says. We think your big grille is really attractive". The Japanese carmaker replied by saying "Aren't you a bit old for us? * swipes left *". Left swipe means rejection in a popular dating app. Cadillac responded by "You kiss your mother with that grille?" to which Lexus replies with a GIF of a woman shutting out the viewer.

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