Can Team-BHP please borrow your Tata Altroz?

Tata has dispatched 4,500 Altroz’ in January (source) and we can safely assume, another 2,000 by mid-Feb already. Despite the parent company having its headquarters in Bombay, and having shipped ~6000 cars, Tata hasn’t kept aside a measly 3 – 4 examples for their media fleet. I also fail to understand how Tata can have several cars available at the media drive event, many more for test-drives at its hundreds of dealerships, but none as part of its media fleet in Bombay? To understand that situation is beyond me.

Compare this to say, Mahindra. Mahindra has test cars ready for us on the day of the launch itself; sometimes, we also get a colour choice! We’ve already exchanged innumerable emails & messages with Tata Motors…to the point of being fed up! The other problem that we face with such long delays is that of bandwidth. Ours is a small team. Right now, friendly Mod Aditya is waiting for the Altroz. But by start of April, there will be many more cars to review (next-gen Creta, next-gen City etc.). Hence, we want to review the Altroz NOW. It is anyways over 2 months since the Altroz media drives were held, and 3+ weeks since the car has been launched. No other manufacturer delays test-drive cars as much as Tata Motors and we cannot wait any longer. I am of the firm opinion that no manufacturer can delay our review of their car (or block it - related link).

Hence, my sincere request: Can Team-BHP borrow your Tata Altroz for our Official Review? Your generosity will greatly help the community as thousands of BHPians & guests are waiting for our test report, before deciding on their next hatchback. Many thanks in advance!. As a small token of appreciation, we’ll also gift your car something special – it could be a set of after-market rims, better tyres, an extended warranty + service pack, or anything else you wish.

Would like only the top-end variant as all our Official Reviews feature only the highest trim level. Mumbai or nearby cities (Pune, Nashik etc.) would be much preferred, so that Aditya can do his shoot & review, post which I can also drive the car. But if there are no cars available in Maharashtra, we are open to travelling to other parts of India.

We promise to take better care of your car than we do our own. If we can borrow your Altroz, please reply on this thread / PM me / drop us an email via the share page. Should you so prefer, your + your car's identity will be kept 100% anonymous. Thanks again - very grateful!

P.S. In case you aren’t aware, the diesel Altroz isn’t available yet (not even to customers). Therefore, we will review the petrol now, do a full photoshoot of it, and add a separate post for the diesel when the car is made available to us (either by you guys or Tata Motors).

P.P.S. We’re also waiting for the Nexon EV & I hope the media car comes before Indian law mandates BS7 emissions, 6 airbags & ESP as standard.

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