Careless KSRTC bus driver rams into my 3-month old Kia Sonet

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Defensive driving and low speed saved me from a bigger impact.

BHPian epiccross recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I hoped never to be part of this thread... and here I am  Brand new car, just been ~3 months and this

Context: Was returning from the gym, driving sedately. There are a couple of reasonably steep curves. I was completely within the lane (as you can see) and moved further towards the left once the KSRTC bus was approaching. Shockingly after the front passed, the rear just hit my side door and panel! The driver came down and although he didn't apologize, he was calm and polite enough, which is a miracle these days. He claimed that somehow since the road is narrow they have to drive over the lane a bit and there was no space.

I didn't press it enough although I was sure I was completely within my lane. I always second guess myself, so assumed maybe I didn't give enough space (I didn't have to and he's 100% at fault). Dashcam footage revealed I left acres of space for this guy and he still did this.

Defensive driving and low speed saved me from a bigger impact, thankfully. The side panel tore off completely, driver door got banged up, headlight got cracked. But didn't feel a thing in the cabin except for the metal scraping noise. No damage to the engine compartment either thankfully. Drove the car slowly to my home which was 2-3 km away and called and reported to Kia RSA. The truck reached within an hour. But the body shop is a bit too far from my place, might have to go there with signed papers.

PS: Here I guess 360 cam helped me more than dashcam, clearly shows the lane markings and how the KSRTC driver hit my car.

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