Carrying out multiple tweaks on my Skoda Slavia using VCDS

I have been able to turn off the 80 & 120 km/h speed alarms. Also, the lane change indicator now blinks 5 times instead of just 3.

BHPian audioholic recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

VCDS Tweaks

Finally completed whatever tweaks I had thought of doing through VCDS in my Slavia. I had some issues accessing BCM earlier due to which I could not make some changes. But here is the final list of changes I have done module-wise.

  • 01 -Engine - No modifications done
  • 02- Auto Trans - No modifications done
  • 03- ABS Brakes - No modifications done
  • 05- ACC/Start Auth - No modifications done

08- Auto HVAC

  • Switched AC running mode to more air flow and cooler evaporator temperatures. Result: Has resolved AC issue completely, now I only set AC between 22-23.5 even on the hotter days with co-passengers. Haven't used manual mode nor taken temperature below 21 after this mod.
  • Enabled Fan speed display in auto mode. Result: Just a cosmetic indication for reference, and usually stays at level 2 unless when hot and sunny outside. This is useless.

09- Cent. Elect.

  • Lane change indicator now flashes five times instead of three.
  • Tear wiping of front wiper enabled. After washing the windshield, the wiper sweeps thrice, and then twice after a few seconds and once finally. I always wanted this.
  • Lots of other options are there but I did not tweak them further since I am only doing the ones I need.

17- Instruments

  • Most importantly deleted 80 and 120kmph speed alarms.
  • Was able to change the theme colour as I mentioned earlier.
  • Enabled volume to refuel, though it indicates in multiples of 5L only - Just a random reference, I sometimes check to see how much fuel I already burnt since the last visit to the petrol bunk.
  • Enabled steering angle display - Of course, this is just fancy info that I have never used.

44- Steering Assist

  • Steering assistance is now dynamic. Earlier it was set to follow the set driving mode (which in the first place cant be changed in the car). It has really improved the steering feel and the excessive lightness in the steering is gone. This has been the most functional change I have done. The steering is still very light at low speeds and in the initial few degrees of turning. After that, it weighs up very nicely and gets harder especially as speeds increase. What is also very noticeable is that the steering assistance is now precise to the point you want to turn and not excessive as before. Hence this along with the upgrade to Vredesteins has completely changed the steering response.

47- Sound System (amplifier)

  • Changed amp tuning to Dynaudio. But that hardly has made any difference to the sound output. I use Apple Carplay with Lossless music all the time. So not sure what this exactly did.

5F- Information Elec. (Head unit)

  • Enabled display of start-stop status (On/Off) but still figuring out how to enable control also instead of the switch placed on the passenger side of the gear shifter.
  • Enabled display of boot open status - Again figuring out if boot open from this button is possible.

So that's it for now, but it has been an amazing tweaking experience with VCDS and would definitely explore more.

Here's what BHPian Piyush Kanthak had to say about the matter:

  • Do these tweaks affect the warranty in any way?
  • Can you access the window close feature on locking the vehicle?
  • What tweaks can be done to the engine? Does it increase the performance?
  • Can we access the features which are present in the international models?
  • Can we enable safety features too?
  • Can we modify or add features?

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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