Cars, colours & bad omens: 6 incidents are making me doubt my beliefs

I have started to feel that my black Hexa & I are indeed attracting these accidents & my family was right about the color.

BHPian Lone_Wolf recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I had not thought I would be ever writing this on Team-BHP, but here I am - forced by the sequence of events.

To start, I drive a 2017 Tata Hexa. It’s a Ceramic Coated Grey Colored Beauty. Sky Grey to be specific. There were family objections to me choosing this shade. For them no matter what the shade, it’s just a Black Car. But I nevertheless went ahead. I felt no other color looked good on a huge car like Hexa. I never gave too much importance to the superstition around colors and dates.

But here is a list of incidents involving my car from the time of buying.

  • In 2017, just 2 weeks after buying the car in Bangalore, I met with an accident! A tempo guy banged into my left rear door.
  • In 2019, I was driving to Goa and in one of the turns, a commercial vehicle driving rashly on my opposite side in the ghats brushed the right side of my bumper damaging the arch above my front wheel.
  • In 2020, I damaged my rear left arch while taking a left turn in my tight apartment parking.
  • In 2021, on my way to a temple, a lady riding a scooty with her 3 kids lost her balance and fell beside my car when I was waiting at a red signal. I don’t know how she was trying to manoeuvre, but she damaged my fog lamp housing.
  • In 2022, I was driving back home late in the evening at a forest stretch (Goa road again), and at a curve, I got blinded by the bright LEDs of an oncoming car and I ended up ramming into a herd of buffalos. The buffalo got up, looked at me and ran away! This time I ended up with a damaged bonnet.
  • In Jan 2023, again on my way to a temple, an OLA driver jumped the signal and rammed on the left side of my car. On the same day when I was driving back home, a couple on MG Road took a sudden right turn without any signal and rammed into my car and fell down. It was a near miss. It would have been worse had they come down my wheels. The rider apologized realizing it was his mistake, but I was shaken this time.

Apart from the parking incident which was my lapse of concentration, in none of the other incidents was I at fault. I am a sedate driver. Always cautious and within speed limits. I have been brushing it aside since 2017. But I’m unable to take it off my head anymore. The last incident has ruined my belief system- it truly was a near miss for the couple on the scooty.

Am I thinking too much? I have started feeling that I and my car are indeed attracting these accidents and my family was right about the color.

Since the car is already 5 years old, my initial thought was to sell it and go for a new one. Any non-black colored one this time! But reading GTO’s advice + no real replacement for a Hexa in the current market is holding me back. It still drives like a dream. Very recently I did a Bangalore-Pondy-Kanchipuram stretch and it was effortless.

I love my cars. I am a person with spiritual/religious bend of mind but never have I installed a God’s Idol in any of my cars. I think it’s time to do so now!

Do dark cars (or any other objects) really attract negativity? I still feel it should not! I see so many well-maintained shiny black cars on the road. But we are conditioned by our experiences in life. And mine has been terrible since I brought home a black Hexa!

Here's what BHPian Sanidhya mukund had to say about the matter:

The symptoms do not point to negativity caused by the colour of the car, they are just symptoms of driving in India!

In so many years of ownership, your Hexa has faced what almost all cars in India have to undergo. Good luck or bad luck has nothing to do with the colour of your car.

My dad's first car was an Ambassador mark-IV that fell into a canal when it was white! It was painted black after the accident and it never met with an accident again. My Green Ikon (green is supposed to be bad luck) never met with any accidents in the 17 years it ran across Assam, Meghalaya, Delhi, U.P and Haryana.

On the other hand, we avoided going for a black Merc in 2014 because black was supposed to mean bad luck. We went for a silver one and guess what? Just 7 months into the ownership, the driver-side door got twisted like a coke can when my driver managed to crash into a tree while he was reversing with the door open. The car has also seen multiple battle scars caused by auto rickshaws, 2 wheelers and Boleros with big bull bars. It even had to undergo a windshield replacement after the wiper fell onto the windscreen while the driver was cleaning the car.

My Blue Ertiga, delivered on an auspicious day and with an 'auspicious' number has also seen incidents similar to your Hexa in under 2 years. The point is, the more a car is on the road, the more likely it is to face such unpleasant situations.

Colour, numerology, date of delivery etc. do not make a car lucky or unlucky. Driving on our roads that have everything ranging from donkeys to excavators, one simply cannot avoid accidents and narrow escapes.

Enjoy driving your Hexa and forget about bad omens.

Here's what BHPian aston_martyr had to say about the matter:

None of the incidents you have quoted seems to be your fault, apart from the parking incident of course.

Having said that I do not believe a car's color has anything to do with it. I would suggest you hang onto this beautiful car as long as you are able to. If you are really intent on getting rid of it I don't see any other worthy replacements, maybe the Toyota Hycross but spending upwards of 30+L for a bad omen on car color seems to be unreasonable.

Minor incidents like these are to be expected in a city like Bangalore, changing the car would not make any difference. It is just the hand we are dealt.

Here's what BHPian RedTerrano had to say about the matter:

Going by your logic the proverbial black cat who crosses your path should be scared of everyone. However, the reverse is true, where people seem to be scared of a black cat!

And doesn't a black car look so sexy and beautiful? At least I have always thought so. I would have purchased a black car myself, but I know from experience (I had a black RE when I was young), that colour is an immense pain to maintain in a country like ours. One speck of dust is prominently visible on a black paint. No longer worth the effort for me.

Since you seem to be linking colors / brands to accidents here are two anecdotes from real life.

Wagon R (Silver)

  • I halted at a signal as the lights were red. Dead stop.
  • An Indica (tourist) came from behind and banged me. I did not see the signal was the excuse when I pulled him out of his car.

Terrano (Red)

  • Again I was at a signal. Red lights. Zero speed. This time an auto came and banged on my door. I was apoplectic with rage. He in turn played the rich / poor victim card. Cost me 12K to fix the damage.

In both cases, I wasn't even moving, but still suffered a similar fate. Different cars. Different colors.

Moral of the story: Things happens. Take it in your stride. The only thing that matters is you enjoy driving the vehicle you want.

I suggest you drop this color or model-bad idea, and invest in two dash cams for your chariot.

Best of luck!

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