Celebrating 8 years of my used BMW 530d M Sport

I take my BMW over all kinds of tarmac, without worrying too much about the occasional underbelly scrape.

GTO recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

8 years up, and the beast is performing superbly! These cars are built to extremely high-quality standards & hence, age very slowly. I'm enjoying her combination of speed + practicality so much that I think I'll hold onto her for another 3 - 5 years (if the W222 S-Class bug doesn't bite a bigger one). Just came back from a weekend in Pawna. What an engine, what a gearbox, what a car! Had a mid-range roll-on with a Mustang and absolutely murdered it. The 530d is one of the best sedans ever sold in India (whether it's the E60, F10 or G30).

At the family favourite, Sunny's Dhaba. Always the best parking.

People are worried about taking non-SUVs on crazy village roads. Not me, I take my sedans everywhere. Fat girl barely fit into some of these though:

At home:

My sister's (bumpy) Tiguan is ahead. This stretch was badly broken, but a little love & care means the car makes it through. I don't believe in garage queens. She did scrape her underbelly 3 - 4 times this weekend, but it doesn't bother me:

This is how I roll...

Saved the life of a bird that was dying on the highway.

With my kid brother on the left. He's becoming a car guy ever since he bought the Superb. Gave him a couple of "handling lessons" on the Lonavla ghats:

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A helmet will save your life