Cermaric coating on my Creta: Thoughts & observations after a year

People find it hard to believe that my car is 2 years old now. I still turn back and look at my glossy car after I have locked and walked away.

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Today( 5th November, 2022) it’s been exactly 2 years since I took delivery of my black Creta SXO Turbo petrol DCT. This post will be regarding my experience with ceramic coatings in the past 2 years.

Even before I got my car I had started my research regarding different paint protection options as my preferred car colour was black (To be truthful I had no idea how difficult maintaining a black car really is, never again.

After going through all the options I decided to go with ceramic coating as I couldn’t justify the cost of good paint protection films for a car which can be repainted for half the price and I didn’t want to go with cheap unknown PPF brands.

After watching quite a few detailing YouTube videos I thought that all that mattered was a good product as the process seemed quite simple. I decided to go with Avalon king Ceramic coating but In my arrogance I thought why pay extra to detailers , even service centre guys do polish and compounding. So I ordered Avalon king ceramic coating online and went to my local Hyundai service centre convinced that anyone can do this.

The service manager agreed as they were also quite excited to try ceramic coating. He just asked me to guide the cleaning and polishing guys through the process (After having watched a plethora of detailing videos I was convinced that this was going to be a walk in the park).

We spent the whole day in the work shop but couldn’t get the finish that I saw in those detailing videos ( I understood later that the service centre guys only had rotary polishers and to get the fine mirror finish you need Dual Action polishers and even that needs multiple passes of different levels of compounding , polishing and finishing). As the sun began to set I thought that maybe ceramic coating will cover the flaws and give a nice final look but to my dismay even after the coating had cured the micro scratches were visible under the coating and looked really bad under the sun.

I kept on using my car but I was not satisfied, I kept on researching and slowly understood that not just the product but the detailer also matters a lot. In fact I was surprised to find out how many known franchise detailers just use Chinese products, put their brand on it and sell it as premium detailing services. I finally understood why known brands of ceramic coatings have authorised installers.

After a lot of patience and research 10 months had passed , I finally decided to go with an Internationally well known brand CARPRO. I mailed them enquiring about an authorised installer in Kolkata. To my surprise PRIME CAR CARE ( Carpro authorised detailer in Kolkata) was about to open up their studio in few days. I contacted the owner, Mr Ashu Agarwal and ended up becoming their first customer.

Ashu, who very quickly became a good friend helped me understand the process and made the whole ordeal a pleasant experience. I decided to go with the flagship product Carpro Finest Reserve.

It’s been a year now and I’m really pleased with the coating. The gloss is still unbelievable, water still beads like crazy and keeping the car clean has been a lot easier. People find it hard to believe that my car is 2 years old now. I still turn back and look at my glossy car after I have locked and walked away. PRIME CAR CARE has become sort of a friends place whom you visit just to chat n chill. Ashu has done a fantastic job running his business with a very friendly and comforting vibe.

I’m attaching some before and after pictures as well:

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