Checked out MG Comet & Tiago EV at a showroom: Here's how they compare

The Comet has enough space for my daily commute to office where I can carry my office bag and drive myself.

BHPian Manuggn recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So after watching multiple videos on YouTube and reading the entire forum took the plunge and booked the car today. Dealers are not officially taking bookings but taking cheque of Rs. 25000 and booking will be confirmed on 14th May. Mine was 17th booking at MG showroom at 32nd Milestone Gurgaon.

What I liked:

  • Small form factor.
  • Decent range for city driving (Gurgaon).
  • Enough space for my daily commute to office where I can carry my office bag and drive myself.
  • Loved the interiors.

What I don’t like:

  • Exterior design is OK.
  • Speakers are as bad as they can get. Need to change them.
  • No arm rest will not be very comfortable.

Expected delivery in June. Will keep you all posted.

I also decided to visit the TATA showroom to check the Tiago EV.

Note - I am comparing with the medium range XT model. Which is 10.45 on road Gurgaon.


  • Looks like a proper car.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Actual range is 170 km perfect for city driving.
  • Option of fast charging which can charge battery in around 3.5 hours (takes half time. Compared to MG Comet).
  • Better speakers.
  • Proper boot.
  • Proper 5 seater with 4 doors.


  • Interior looks bad with hard quality plastic on doors.
  • Touch screen system was not working properly even in demo car.
  • Driver information display had all the info but was missing the wow factor.

Looking at pros and cons TATA seems to be a better car but can still not be used as a primary car due to limited range. Also Tiago will not be bullied as much on road by SUVs as Comet will be.

But will I take the Tiago? Answer is no, reasons are mentioned below:

  • Comet interior build and finish quality gives you a wow feeling while driving.
  • I already have Audi A4 for my long commutes and need a small car for my daily run to office.
  • I need a two seater max as I drive to office alone.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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