Checked out the XUV 3X0 AX5 petrol: 10 quick observations

The air-conditioning was top-notch and the rear seats were excellent for three passengers, key points over the VW Taigun.

BHPian SithDefender recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

One of my colleagues was very interested in an AX5 model, and as it so happened, I had a quick check with him. The observations below are of the petrol AX5 model. For privacy reasons, I have edited faces and number plates out of the photos. SO here goes :

Personally, I am still not a fan of this weirdo face. To be honest, the XUV3OO looked better, but that is just my opinion. And I prefer darker colors that mask the unnecessary cuts and creases. That said, I do like the wide squat stance and it's good they didn't make it taller and narrower as we have seen in the Quanto/KUV100 etc.

The sides are agreeable, and the alloys look nice. The twin peaks logo looks eons better than the old Mahindra Rise emblem.

The rear looks suddenly chipped off, and in my opinion they could have gone for a larger 4.2 or 4.3m format to balance the looks. I am not a fan of the excessively busy rear either.

At the rear, the connected light bar imparts a distinctive look. To be frank, the boot was not as small as I expected. Though large family excursions may be impossible, I feel the boot is sufficient enough to handle the needs of a small family. However, the loading lip is very tall and can put a strain when handling heavy baggage. The SA said that the spare tyre has a smaller sidewall.

On the go, the XUV 3XO felt sprightly and plenty powerful for it's class. I did not drive it, but my friend remarked it felt good. This was the manual variant. The NVH was also good and felt better than the Honda Elevate.

All three rear seats had individual head-rests also and were quite comfortable. One thing I didn't like so much was that you are seated quite low in the rear, and the window line is very high.

The camera and display looked sharp. All controls were laid out well and finished in good material choices. You get a confident, commanding look out.

The AX5 model also came with white interiors (not visible in this photo) but fabric seats. Note that the AX5 model does not have the soft-touch door pads - I think this may be only in higher models. No ventilated seats here, and no UV-cut glass either if I am not mistaken.

The air-conditioning was top-notch and the rear seats were excellent for three passengers, key points over the VW Taigun.

We didn't check the sunroof out as it was a hot day. The higher variants have a bigger "Skyroof". ]The roof liner looked a-ok.

The seatbelts at the front were height-adjustable. The SA claimed all models have 6 airbags too.

There is a generous use of piano black which I am not too fond of. However, this is just nit-picking and Mahindra needs to be commended for giving good interiors for this car.

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