Checking out the Honda City e:HEV: Thoughts & observations

If this hybrid car could return 20 km/l in the city & around the same on the highways, then nothing can beat having the benefit of AT & good fuel efficiency.

BHPian M00M recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Went and saw the Honda City eHEV today. Quality of the interior fit and finish is very very good. It is way better than what Skoda gives in its Kushaq or its Slavia and what Hyundai gives in the Verna.

Was worried about the boot being small but a full-size wheelchair fits inside it. If I were to talk in luggage terms I think 2 large bags and maybe 1 or 2 duffle bags will fit in as well. That's enough for a weekend trip.

The rear legroom is far better than any competitor. The things that could have been better include the HU and camera resolution otherwise I was very impressed with what I saw today. Wireless charger though convenient heats the phone up and ventilated seats are a no-no for me as I don't want to smell the BO from my driver.

I always worry about what will stray dogs and cats or other animals do when a Hybrid or EV is going by, and I am very glad to hear that Honda has provided the City eHEV with a mild external noise which can alert animals as well as pedestrians of a vehicle coming up near them. Thank You Honda for this.

I don't wish to say anything about the Honda bashing on this thread with regards to the pricing. I would have preferred the price to be a lac cheaper or even more (the more money I save the merrier) but I would like to repeat what Hon. Min Gadkari said in Parliament recently, he said that they are striving to provide us with clean, smooth, fast roads and are charging a hefty toll so that the amount you save on petrol can be given to the GOI in the form of the same toll.

Meaning money is going from your pocket in one way or the other and in my experience, when petrol price goes up in our country it seldom comes down. Keeping this in mind, when the price of petrol starts rising again, to maybe even 150, the eHEV will be a welcome vehicle. Even at 120, which is in no way cheap, an EV or a eHEV is welcome and it's Honda's way of reiterating what Hon. Min. said and meant - the same way Honda wants the money you save upfront to help you use that tech.

Lithium battery is a welcome addition instead of the Ni-Mh battery in Toyota. I even saw the other ADAS functions and I think all of them are a very welcome addition.

A fellow Bhpian has said that he has recovered 15 km/ltr in the city - I have never recovered that in any of my Citys, in fact even the Brio AT does not give 15, it gives only 10-11 and 14 on the highway. My old City being manual gave me 9-11 in the city and 14-15 on the highway. If the eHEV gives 20 in the city and around the same on the highway then nothing can beat having the benefit of AT and good fuel efficiency.

Will be booking the City eHEV in the next few days unless I find a specific pre-owned vehicle that I am looking for, if not it's the eHEV and hopefully delivery is also soon.

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