Chevrolet Beat converted to an electric vehicle

BHPian stuntfreak has modified his Chevrolet Beat into an electric car.

The car is fitted with a 15 kW electric motor and uses the standard manual transmission that came with the diesel engine. The electric motor is said to produce a peak torque of 75 Nm and a continuous torque of 26 Nm.

The transmission has been modified such that it only has the first and second gears. Rest of the gears have been removed and replaced with light weight blank sleeves. The clutch has also been removed. The Motor Control Unit (MCU) has been programmed to match the motor rpm to the input shaft rpm. The owner claims that the car can cruise at 100 km/h.

The electric motor draws power from a 15 kW battery pack. It is placed under the seat in place of the fuel tank and in the boot in place of the spare wheel. The car is claimed to have a range of 115 km (without AC and light) and 95 km with the AC and lights switched on. It takes 6 hours to recharge the battery at home and just 45 minutes with a fast charger.

Thanks to BHPian stuntfreak for sharing this with other enthusiasts!

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