Chevrolet: Car movement delayed if driver doesn't buckle up

According to a media report, Chevrolet is introducing a system to ensure that teenagers wear their seat belts before they start driving.

Called Buckle to Drive, it is part of the Teen Driver safety system. The system will let the car start, but will not allow the driver to shift out of 'P' if his seat belt is not worn. After 20 seconds, the system will work as normal. Chevrolet claims that this time will urge the driver to wear a seat belt instead of waiting.

The company has been offering a similar system in its commercial vehicles since 2015. Buckle to Drive is expected to be introduced in the 2020 Chevrolet Traverse, Malibu and Colorado, with other models likely to get it later.

The Teen Driver safety system, which is linked to a special keyfob, includes features such as muting the radio if the seat belts are removed, set off an alarm if a certain speed limit is crossed and also limiting the top speed of the car. Owners can choose the features they wish to activate.

Source: Fox News

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