China: Govt spies on EVs through manufacturers

According to a media report, the government of China has mandated live information sharing including location, battery and engine function of all-electric vehicles (EVs). EV carmakers offer navigation, emergency assistance and other services using live data, which is then is shared with the authorities.

Manufacturers like Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler and others transmit data to local government centres. The government claims to use the data to improve the policy and planning regarding electric cars. The carmakers are mandated to share a total of 61 points of data which could identify information like the location of a user’s residence, their work place as well as places where they shop and worship.

The data from over 1.1 million vehicles is also sent to the data centre for new energy vehicles run by the Beijing Institute of Technology. It is reported that as mandatory production norms for green vehicles increase, these numbers are only expected to grow.

It is also reported that the 9 out of 10 EV owners don’t know about this data sharing as it is generally buried in the terms and conditions of use. While automakers initially resisted this data sharing, China threatened to cut back on subsidies to those companies who refused.

Source: Economic Times

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