Choosing between Tata Harrier & MG Hector

I love the Harrier's looks but for almost the same price, Hector comes with better warranty, features and back seat comfort is far better on long rides.

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I now have to make a decision for my dad on which car to buy. Top considerations for him:

  • Diesel only, he does not prefer petrol
  • Space for 4 excluding driver
  • Mostly driver driven
  • Decent mileage (12+)
  • Very comfortable drive for long trips. He does 1 to 2 500 km trips a month - This is the most important of all
  • Manual only (he is not comfortable with auto if he needs to drive)
  • Very good boot space
  • Hard stop budget of Rs 20 lakh

Down to Tata Harrier (XM) and MG Hector (Super)

I love the Harrier looks but for almost the same price, Hector comes with better warranty, features and back seat comfort is far better on long rides.

Dad is also not too keen on Tata Cars. Until last year he was an "anything but Tata" person, but now sort of ok with the Harrier too.

Final decision is now down to me, I am leaning towards Hector, but for 3 things:

  1. Long term ownership is unclear.
  2. Service outside of major cities (we have one in our place though)
  3. The horrible (in my view) rear look (which we can live with)

Seltos is too stiff, Creta I don't see VFM and Compass is just out of the budget.

Any advice is highly appreciated.

Here's what BHPian akshay4587 had to say on the matter:

How come you are not considering the XUV700? It will definitely suit your needs to the T.

Out of the above listed options, my vote will be for Harrier over Hector.

Here's what BHPian pradheepsr had to say on the matter:

My pick would be to go with the Harrier.

It’s a tried and tested product now. Having said that, you could even consider the Safari XM variant, may be could even stretch to the 'XT' variant if you don’t mind shelling out a lakh extra. You get the advantage of the extra row of seats as well, with boot space compromised of course.

If not, I would suggest the XM/XT variants of the Harrier for under Rs 20 lakh.

I’m not a huge fan of the Hector because of its looks and road presence with an ugly rear end to go with it.

Also feel that the Harrier’s chassis is well mated to that engine-gearbox combo more so than the Hector.

You may get better features and goodies with the Hector but would suggest a thorough TD of both those vehicles before signing the cheque. Also take in to account of the service feedbacks of both these brands in your area.

Best of luck.

Here's what BHPian AYP had to say on the matter:

Even though I generally avoid a Chinese product, in this case, I'd happily go with the Hector, enjoy those extra features and the better peace of mind. The Harrier is still plagued with niggles whereas you don't hear about niggles too often in the case of the Hector.

My vote would be for the Hector.

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