Citroen C5 Aircross road trip: Key observations after 1800 km journey

The torque & power available on tap is mind-blowing. You won’t realize when the car crosses 120 km/h if it were not for the warning beeps.

BHPian Frusciante recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I too took my C5 out for a long spin last week (1800 kms - Mumbai-South Goa-Murudeshwar). I was travelling with a 5-year-old kid and not just us adults, she enjoyed the 14-hour drive as much without a single complaint. Speaks a lot about the comfort levels the car provides.

My few other observations

  • I usually abhor night driving, even in the city let alone the highways. But the C5 with its spectacular LED projector illumination, driving position, powerful braking and overall road manners and build quality enabled me to undertake an 8+ hour night drive from Kolhapur to Mumbai at highway worthy speeds. A small personal win for me.
  • I used to drive my City on the expressways at respectable 80+ speeds and every time I saw a swish SUV whiz past, I used to wonder what made them want to break speed limits and tear through when other cars are also almost at a 100kmph. Well, now I know. The kind of torque and power on tap that this car can produce is mind-blowing and even going from zero, you won’t realize when the car is at 120 kmph+ if it were not for the warning beeps. I’m certainly not advocating breaking speed limits but I can completely relate to the restrained feel that drivers of cars like these feel on an open road when restricted to a speed limit.
  • Like you, I was extremely impressed to see the engine temperature very stable despite a 14-hour drive at 35+ degrees heat. The AC performed very well too though in my opinion does get a bit noisy when you push it to cool harder and faster in mid-day conditions.
  • Lastly, I had a chance to experience some mild off-roading as well. Drove through a stretch cutting Bhimagad wildlife sanctuary where you would be as hard-pressed to find a road beneath your car as you would be to find another C5 on Indian roads. The stretch lasted for about 10 kms but the car took it very well coming out without any rattles, creaks or tyre impact. Also had the chance to drive on a beach in south Goa for a brief stretch and the sand mode ESP did its part in getting me through. Not that I will ever use this car for active off-roading but it is fairly capable of tackling a few rough spots (thanks to Indian roads) that come along. Overall the Michelin tyres are excellent. No significant loss in tyre pressure even after a long drive in hot, rough conditions.
  • All things considered, the C5 is a brilliant and reliable mile muncher. The only thing I would have wished for differently in this car was a more punchy music system to complement those long drives.

Sharing some pics from my trip.

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