Comparison between 50 lakh Skoda Kodiaq and 85 lakh Mercedes GLC 300

The steering feels sporty & offers good feedback but the suspension is stiff & even small undulations filter into the cabin.

BHPian SilverSmoke recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Kodiaq 2.0 TSI VS GLC 300

One of our family members purchased the 2023 GLC 300. I drove it to my heart's content.

Hybrid battery - Varta 80 AH is kept in the boot.

Ambient lighting is among the best I have seen.

Plastics on the steering wheel are cheap.

Projected logo looks dope - has good definition.

Interiors surely look inviting.

Paint quality is pretty good.

Engine bay looks nicely packed & organised.

No rear temperature & fan controls.

Steering feel is just right & sporty.

Automated seat adjustments related to height are good but not accurate - need to be fine-tuned.

Wheels look decent & sharp - not overly fancy.

Real-time air quality monitoring is a good addition.

Sound quality is very good - even at higher volumes.

Air vents infused with some metals feel premium.

Upholstery color doesn't get dirty easily - good for families with kids.

Blind spot detector in work - sorely missed in Kodiaq.

Dashboard design is premium & doesn't catch dust or fingerprints.

Better than Kodiaq:

  • Peppy engine with electric motor support - acceleration & handling is better. 255 BHP 400 NM.
  • Body roll is minimal.
  • Premium interiors.
  • MBUX is way better & works very smoothly & controls a lot of the car.
  • Steering feels sturdy & has better feedback.
  • Ambient lights are on a different level.
  • Burmester is definitely north of Canton.
  • Badge value & social status.
  • Real-time cabin air monitoring.
  • Blind spot warning system - a great addition for Indian traffic.
  • Gear shifts via a steering stick at a flick of the finger.

Worse than Kodiaq:

  • Headlights - literally 1/3rd of Kodiaq's. Even at high beams, I was sure that they would increase further, but they didn't.
  • Space - Less in front - lesser at back.
  • Seats - only heated seats - not even simple ventilation is provided - useless for mid & southern India - a sore.
  • No temperature / fan controls at rear.
  • No keyless entry - was amazed.
  • No tail light animations.
  • Suspension is stiffer than Kodiaq's & even small undulations filter into the cabin.

Honest Conclusion:

Can I go for it?

  • Yes, at around 65 L OTR - with better headlights.
  • But at 85 OTR, a definite NO.

From now on, my respect for Skoda has increased for delivering an amazing machine at such a price.

Time will test the reliability of both.

Here's what GTO had to say about the matter:

In just a few pictures & pointers, you have perfectly summarized the value equation provided by cars like the Kodiaq & gang. The cars in the 35 - 50 lakh range have greatly improved their offerings & provide you with all the utility / luxury you need. Anything above that is driven purely by desire, badge etc.

Here's what BHPian Old Dude had to say about the matter:

Very interesting comparison with the GLC. Thank you, Silver Smoke, for making me feel good (or say better) about my Kodiaq.

I had an "Aha!" moment about DCC settings the other day - was returning from Mysore to Bangalore late night after attending a function and entered Bangalore a tad past midnight. As I exited the expressway, I cleverly (or so I thought) switched the DCC to comfort considering the pathetic Bangalore Road condition and that I had my passengers sleeping like a baby.

As the traffic was fairly light, I was able to do insane speeds of 40 to 60KMPH (by Bangalore city standards) between Kengeri to Hudson Circle. That is when I realised the pathetic situation of Bangalore road surfaces - which are suitable only for the crawling speeds we can do during normal hours. My passengers were rudely awakened by the tossing and bouncing around and I was yelled at for being such a rough driver.

As I proceeded further, I played with the DCC settings and realised the tossing and bouncing significantly reduced with the DCC in normal and Sport modes - Lesson learnt: On bad road surfaces, the Comfort mode is comfortable only at low speeds, while even at speeds of 40 to 60, the stiffer modes are better.

Here's what BHPian RaiAnish had to say about the matter:

I love the Kodiaq for what it offers at the price but the interiors look slightly outdated now. With the reveal of the new one, I think it's going to be a perfect all-rounder. Any views on what price increase we can expect for the 2024 variant?

Here's what BHPian aeroabir had to say about the matter:

Interestingly the US version of GLC-300 has keyless entry. I am also satisfied with the performance of the headlights.

In addition to temperature/fan control at the rear, what is also missing is the ability to control the fan for the driver/passenger side individually (this can be done for the temperature alone).

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