Converting my Land Rover Defender 90 to meet Euro 6 emission standards

The stock exhaust of my SUV has been replaced with a stainless steel one. It looks really nice & the sound has become better as well.

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It has been very long since this thread was updated. Quite a few things happened in between. Did a few green-laning trips with the Defender 90 and then decided this car was too nice for that. Bought an old Defender 110 for offroading and green-laning.

The MOT was due in April this year and I thought that it would pass with flying colours. However, that was not the case. Before going for the MOT, I got the vehicle checked by a Land Rover specialist in West London. The SA told that there is a small crack in the rubber boot near the side front tie road. It was supposed to be a small job but once everything was opened one thing led to another and finally the tie rod ends on both sides, the track bar, track rod and ball joint had to be replaced. If I had not been there in the garage to see everything I would have easily thought that I was being duped. The bill came to £669.

It had started with this one, the culprit!

Converting to Euro 6 compliant emission system

Office commute had started and I was driving to central London more than twice a week. Since the Defender was not Euro 6 compliant, I was paying £12.5 every day as ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) charge. Finally decided to get the vehicle Euro 6 compliant from a government-approved company called Cybrand. Booked a date with them. Only problem was that they were in Chester, quite a long drive from London. Had to book a hotel while the work was being done. But I must say that the work was extremely professional. They out an SCR system and changed the exhaust with a stainless steel one. It looks really nice and the sound has become better as well! The cost of the installation was £6600.

Here is a video of how it looks from underneath.

A few pictures

The invoice

Filling point for AdBlue

Ready after installation!

The details of the SCR System from HJS are here if anyone is interested in how it works. I am pasting it from their brochure instead of trying to explain it on my own.

After the installation Cybrand contacted the required authorities to update the database showing the Defender is now Euro 6 compliant in terms of emissions. It took 10 days to be updated online. I am now travelling to ULEZ zones in London without a worry.

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