Could ADAS prevent high-end car crashes? Or other factors at play

Is it because either the drivers would have disabled them or simply they do not work at these insane speeds?

BHPian Guna recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

In the recent time, there is a report of a high end car being driven rashly and crashing in to something/someone for every other week. It makes me wonder, even if the drivers were either drunk or reckless, why has the ADAS, specifically 'automatic emergency braking' not come in to play and prevented the accidents.

Is it because either the drivers would have disabled them or simply they do not work at these insane speeds?

It is a high time the cars with brutal power come with some kind of smartness where they simply don't allow a drunken or bad drivers to continue driving them.

Here's what BHPian ecenandu replied on this post:

Why limiting to only the high end cars, maybe its only the high end car crashes that catches the headlines. If you take statistics I am pretty sure there will be a lot of accidents caused due to drunken driving.

More than the technology, I believe the driving culture and our attitude towards safety needs to be changed, how many of our family members wear seat belts when seated in the rear seats?

Here's what BHPian electric_eel had to add to this discussion:

Disclaimer: I have not driven a car with ADAS and do not know how effective it is. What I have is a pseudo-ADAS of my dash cam which I always keep on. While it warns me when I approach a car too close or if there is a car that overtakes me, it does not seem to be bothered about bikes at all. Many a times I have had bikers cutting into my lane and the dash cam merrily remains silent. Probably it cannot detect small objects. I would assume a LiDAR based system to do much better than this but not detecting objects, particularly when driven at insane speeds can be a problem.

The other point is that even if it detects and makes necessary emergency braking, it cannot go beyond the physical limitations of the brakes.

I would say do not challenge the fool. While artificial intelligence can beat natural intelligence, I believe it is no match to natural stupidity.

Here's what BHPian Turbanator had to say in this matter:

You maybe surprised that most of the luxury cars don't have ADAS features. Porsche Pune car (latest and over 1,5 Cr) would not have ADAS nor the Mumbai BMW (looks older generation). Adaptive cruise or ADAS are still a luxury for such premium car manufacturers whereas the cheaper cars from Mahindra/ Hyundai/ Kia are far better equipped with such technology.

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