Could Toyota Hilux be a worthy alternative to Skoda Kodiaq

I know we're talking about chalk and cheese - a soft-roader SUV vs a lifestyle pickup truck. But Hilux can't be ignored totally.

BHPian Bibendum90949 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

To all the bhpians who have booked the Kodiaq, this may well be a nitwitted question. Has any of you considered Toyota Hilux, or if it has crossed your mind once while booking Kodiaq? I know we're talking about chalk and cheese - a soft-roader SUV vs a lifestyle pickup truck. Agree that the purpose, form factor, construct, etc. of both are different. But the below Hilux points are significant to be ignored totally.

  • Engine - 2.8 Ltr, 4x4 MT & AT
  • 7 Airbags, VSC, HAC, ABS/ EBD
  • 4x4 Electronic Drive Switch
  • Electronic Differential Lock
  • DAC, A-TRC & Auto LSD
  • Premium Leather Seats
  • Dual Zone AC

What I get with Hilux that Kodiaq can't provide

  • Choice of diesel and a 2.8 L engine with AT.
  • Off-roading ability with 4*4 than AWD.
  • Indestructible truck - total peace of mind on Indian roads/no roads.
  • Overlanding.
  • Toyota reliability and higher resale value.
  • A stand out/niche product.
  • Abuse friendly (Don't need to lose sleep if Hilux hits a highway crater at 120 kmph unlike the baby bird Kodiaq).

What I'll miss out with Hilux

  • Lesser passive safety being a BOF and won't be as safe as Kodiaq in terms of equipment. The Euro Kodiaq has an edge surely on this front.
  • Car-like ride and handling.
  • Won't be looked upon as a family car.
  • The German finesse - to drive, travel and own.
  • The premium feel of a Euro car.
  • Driving dynamics - truck vs soft-roader.
  • Extra row of seats (kids' seats anyways).

The road manners of Hilux can be improved vastly with an upgraded suspension I guess, with my experience of having extensively driven a V cross in its stock form and then later with an upgraded suspension (Iron Man). I'm not trying to say it can be brought to Kodiaq levels of ride, handling and comfort but Hilux can be made much more liveable is the point I'm trying to make.

If I'm to shell out 40 lakhs today, my money is on Hilux. Maybe the off-road enthusiast and wanderlust-er in me are talking here and a diesel lover too. Love to hear from fellow members.

Here's what BHPian CircleOfLife had to say about the matter:

It would all depend on how the vehicle is going to be used. Very high usage and cross country trips, it is a straightforward call, would pick up Hilux any day. There is a lot of customization options available internationally and would trickle down to the Indian market soon. It's a vehicle that gives you option customization to suit your lifestyle & arms you with go-anywhere capability. Hilux will serve well for years even after you upgrade to your next vehicle.

If the purchase decision is for a secondary vehicle I would definitely put my money here.

In India, families haven't warmed up for pickup trucks yet. Home ministry wouldn't like to have driven around to weddings in Hilux. Also to bear in mind is that DPF issues have not yet been completely addressed and this can cause issues in high altitude areas.

Hilux doesn't fit on a day to day practicality in the city, this is where Kodiaq has an edge. Keeps everyone at home happy. If it is a primary vehicle one looking to purchase then Kodiaq is the one to consider.

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