Country which makes the most fun-to-drive cars

So while you can quantify which country makes the most number of cars, which country makes the fastest cars etc., how exactly do you quantify which country makes the most fun cars? That's what this thread is all about.

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The definition of what constitutes a fun car is variable and highly subjective. This is because the word 'fun' in itself is highly subjective. Fun is not something you can put your finger in, it's something you experience. So while you can quantify which country makes the most number of cars, which country makes the fastest cars etc., how exactly do you quantify which country makes the most fun cars? That's what this thread is all about.

Now, given that car companies these days are extremely global, the rules are:

  • The country of origin would be the country where the car brand was first established and/or attributes its heritage to. So, Mini is British (not French), Volvo is Swedish (not Chinese), Renault Kwid is French (despite sourcing most parts from India and being designed in India) etc. and the only Indian brands would be Tata and Mahindra (Maruti i.e Suzuki is Japanese).
  • If the cars are just rebadged cars from other brands like MGs, then the country origin would be that of the origin brand (eg. MG Hector would be Chinese)

Here are some of the contenders, feel free to add any I might've forgotten.


Ah Deutshland, the home of braadworst and the world's second-best beer. Germany makes the best cars in the world. Their three main car corporations - VW, BMW, and Mercedes are industry titans while VW has a range of brands that together absolutely dominates the car segments in the EU ranging from the VW Up! to the Bugatti Chiron. But are they the most fun? In India, the VW Polo GT practically started the trend of dedicated sporty sub-10 lakh cars while brands like BMWs, Mercedes, and Porsche are the by-word for main-stream sportscars. When it comes to engineering, German wins by a big margin and more (except for EVs these days) but do they make the most fun cars in the world?


Ah Japan, the land of Godzilla, which like its car companies, has migrated to other Asian countries with more booming economies (Hong Kong in the case of Godzilla). While Japanese car brands are the most main-stream of all main-stream brands, these brands who are sitting on a pile of cash from selling ultra-reliable Camrys to Americans and Ultra-reliable Swifts to Indians have made some really fun cars - Supra, GT 86, NSX, 370Z, Swift Sport, Type R etc. Everyone who has driven a Swift knows how much fun it is and while the Toyota 86 despite being slower than a Camry V6, is easily the most fun car I've ever driven (and it was an automatic!)


Ah America, which let's be honest, at the end of the day is just a big American Corporation. America made muscle cars for the masses which were cheap unlike those Europeans during the 60s and 70s who only made fun cars for the elites. Americans know how to make fun cars despite what those Europeans say. Who on God's green earth thought putting a 707 BHP engine in a rear-wheel-drive Charger is a good idea? And then for balance, they made the Tesla Model 3 performance!


Ah La Italia, the only country to take romance and scandals more seriously than the French. I don't even need to explain anything here - Alfas, Fiats right up to Ferraris and Lambos. The question is, do the Italians make a car which is not fun?


Ah Britain, the world's largest contributor of Independence days worldwide! Now, barely any British brands are really British anymore. They are owned by foreign companies or are downright engineered abroad. That's not to say that the British don't know how to make fun cars! Minis are known for their go-kart performance while JLR still isn't done putting supercharged V8s in every car they produce.


Ah France, the only country hated by each and every other European country! The French were actually known for its hot hatches in the 90s and the 2000s like the 205 GTI, Citroen Saxo and the Renault Clio (which is popular even today). The French know the real meaning of fun after all.

South Korea

Ah South Korea, the better Korea! They aren't really known for fun cars but the new N cars from Hyundai are really killing it while the Stinger is fast, fun and desirable as hell! The Koreans want to make more fun cars and they are succeeding.


Ah China, the country where Dragons are actually the good guys! Well, the Chinese make a lot of cars but not really fun ones. But they are really pulling ahead in the EV race which means in a world of EVs, the Chinese will probably make some fun cars. Of course, this is a future entrant.


Ah India, the country with more Engineers than populations of many European countries! Again, India is an up-and-coming player and the only real 'fun' car made specifically for that would be the JTP Tatas though current gen Tatas are generally fun according to the reviews. So, this is a future entrant as well.

Other European countries

Well other European countries which only have one brand or aren't that famous for fun cars. Examples are Spain (Seat, Cupra), Sweden (Volvo), Czech republic (Skoda). I'm surprised that the Belgians and the Dutch have no real car brands left.

Other countries

The thing is, not many other countries actually have car brands which make cars. Brazil, Mexico and Turkey produce a lot of cars but are from foreign brands. So, feel free to suggest more names.

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