Court acquits driver in fatal accident involving jaywalker

According to a media report, a Mumbai court has acquitted a woman motorist who was charged with the death of a pedestrian. It is said that the pedestrian tried to cross the road when the traffic signal was green for vehicular traffic.

The report suggests that the legal definition of jaywalking is a pedestrian who impedes traffic or crosses the road when there is a "DON'T WALK" or upraised hand symbol. Although jaywalking is not mentioned in the Indian Penal Code, in some cities, jaywalkers could be booked under the charges of “obstruction of traffic”. In Mumbai, it is said that the traffic police could fine jaywalkers Rs. 200.

According to a report by Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) International, pedestrian deaths in India rose nearly 84% from 2014 to 2018. In Gujarat, it is said that 3 pedestrians die daily due to jaywalking. Pedestrians could also be forced to jaywalk due to encroachments on footpaths or zebra-crossings.

In the UK, jaywalking is not a crime, but in countries like Australia and UAE, jaywalkers could be fined. In the US and Singapore, jaywalkers could be fined and it could also attract a jail term for repeat offences.


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