Creta owner shares 11 points about Venue N Line after a month's usage

In Bangalore's bumper-to-bumper traffic, the car returned a fuel efficiency of around 10 km/l.

BHPian skyfire2892 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

1 month with Venue N line

It's been almost a month since I took delivery of my Polar White dual-tone Venue N line. Sharing the initial ownership review.

Buying Experience

I was strictly looking for an automatic car owing to the traffic situation in Bangalore. I would have preferred a sedan but the market for these has really shrunk. Had looked at Baleno and i20 but given the sloppy state of the roads, decided to go for a compact SUV.

I test-drove Venue, Kiger, Sonet and Nexon. Nexon had AMT which I didn't like. I was completely sold on Kiger's design but its interior, sound system and camera are a different story altogether. Remained Venue and Sonet, Kia made this decision easy as Sonet AT had a waiting period of 1 year! I also liked the rear design of the new Venue, so we booked Phantom Black Venue DCT since that color really complimented the LED strip at the rear.

Our waiting period was ~4 months, and ~2 months later Venue N line was launched. While we were fixated on the exterior black color, which N line didn't have, its black + red accent interior swayed us, plus the number of features added (4 disc brakes, auto-dimming IRVM ) were really enticing. We ended up switching our booking to Polar White with a black roof. Bonus was ~1 month was shaved off from the waiting period.

We got the car from Trident Hyundai, Whitefield and the whole experience was quite good.

Ownership Experience

  1. I'm fond of the car's look and exhaust sound. The car is a looker and I've seen this on roads too with people turning heads.
  2. Driving is pretty smooth, steering is a bit heavy than normal Venue which is a plus point. We have a Creta Diesel at home, so I feel quite comfortable driving this car as well.
  3. Sports mode makes driving very responsive and that's what I use on open roads. Eco mode is something I avoid as the car feels dead.
  4. Suspension feels fine to me, was a bit worried given this variant has a bit of stiff suspension but I'm not feeling much difference till now.
  5. City FE is ~10 kmpl with bumper-to-bumper BLR traffic. Did one highway drive and saw trip FE reach 17-18 kmpl.
  6. Black and red interiors look good. In-car entertainment system is quite smooth as well.
  7. Bluelink is hit-and-miss. It allows me to do some settings remotely, and view car status but its car location feature is not real-time. If the car is in the basement where signals are limited, bluelink will not be able to fetch it and it doesn't even store the location of the car when it had signal access previously.
  8. Dashcam is decent and has an app to retrieve data (you have to be in the car to do that).
  9. Auto headlights and ORVM with puddle lamps which open as you approach the gate are very welcome features.

What I don't like

  1. Lack of wireless Android Auto which is available in the lower variant. I would have swapped this feature with Bluelink if an option was provided since I don't use those features that much.
  2. Lack of back illumination of driver door buttons. Only the window roll down button is illuminated, quite inconvenient when going to malls etc and have to unlock the car for boot. Looking for some DIY solutions to illuminate that button.

Some pics

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