Customers complain MG not sticking to Astor delivery promise

I'm one of the customers who booked an MG Astor through a dealership. And with no prior notice, MG has delayed the delivery of my car by 6 months.

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I sincerely request you to post an article about the pathetic experience MG Motor has been giving to its Astor customers. As you’d know, MG promised to deliver 5000 Astors to the customers who booked it on the first day.

I’m one of the customers who made a booking through a dealership (first slot), the Sharp CVT variant. But to our surprise and with no prior notice, MG has delayed our delivery by 6 months. And the worst part is that many have either sold their existing cars or never booked another car, hoping MG will hold true to its promise. Neither the dealers nor MG is giving any clarification about this. Here are some tweets from other customers for your reference:

Here's what BHPian manpreetsj had to say about the matter:

Even though I have cancelled the booking for Astor and got it adjusted with Hector Sharp CVT booking, the booking for Astor is still active. Maybe the dealer wants to double count a single booking?

I had booked Astor 220T Starry Black Savvy (Sharp O). For me, the status shows Dec 21 delivery.

Maybe due to chip shortage and limited manufacturing capacity, MG's focus is on selling top trims wherein they can make maximum profits. Hence, deprioritizing lower / entry variants.

The Co. has to survive and prove itself to HoldCo., hence makes sense for them to do it. But they should not have taken advance beyond 5K bookings for now. Though M&M and Koreans are also doing the same, hence MG is not doing anything different from standard practice.

It's a seller's market post-covid! Play by their rules or stay out of the game for the next 1 year, by when hopefully supply will improve.

Here's what BHPian vagman had to say about the matter:

Just got to know from my dealer in Mumbai West that delivery for the Style variant will start from late Q1 2022.

If no Style variants are being delivered this year, is it fair to assume that the introductory prices for the Style variant were nothing but a marketing gimmick, considering the prices will likely increase next year? MG needs to address this by at least providing assurance of price protection for the buyers who booked the car on 21st October.

Here's what BHPian neeraj0272 had to say about the matter:

Did MG tell any of its pre-booking customers that they will stop pre-booking after the first lot of 5000 bookings? MG certainly didn't tell me so. They only wanted my booking amount with a promise to book my car as soon as the booking portal opens so that I will be the 1st in the queue to get the car.

So wasn't it logical to assume that for bookings made in excess of 5000 bookings, excess customers would have to wait? So it was obvious from day one that after the 1st lot of 'lucky' 5000 customers, the rest of the 'unlucky' ones will either have to wait for their car or cancel their bookings and get in the queue for a refund? So why aren't some of these customers now ready to wait? I am sure that if they pore over the booking T&C then they will find that MG has mentioned about the waiting game.

Sure there might be genuine complaints about the unfair process of allotment but with the booking amount paid these customers have themselves fallen into the hands of MG. This is almost a standard practice in any business i.e. to get an advance from a customer so that customer doesn't run to other options. I hear that other manufacturers did so in the past just like Mahindra & MG is doing now. Just now a friend was telling me about the same thing about Honda from a few years back.

The funniest part is that there is not a single owner review of this car yet and still potential Astor customers are complaining like they have lost the golden opportunity of a lifetime!

I will advise Astor buyers who have already booked to be a little patient. MG is not running away. MG needs to deliver the car and they will deliver the car to get the rest of the money. A little late maybe. Meanwhile, owner reviews will be coming out soon. Then they can decide to keep the booking or cancel the booking.

Regarding the price protection, a few thousands here & there for a 15L to 20L car is a trivial issue. And I am almost sure MG won't increase prices for the next lot of Astor to safeguard their brand image. Besides, by next year the market will cool down and pretty soon it's going to be a buyers' market again.

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