DCT failure on my 2020 Hyundai Creta SUV

Apparently, they have a list of parts they expect to fail on the Dual-Clutch Transmission and replacements are done with no questions asked.

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Hello Team,

I am Ashwin, from Bangalore. I have been a follower of Team-BHP for many years. I would not call myself a hardcore motor enthusiast, but certainly have curious interests in cars and bikes and always try to keep myself updated about what is happening in the automobile world primarily using Team-BHP forums.

I wanted to bring to your notice the DCT failure issue I am facing currently with my 2020 Hyundai Creta.

Car Details:

  • Model: Hyundai Creta 1.4 DCT SX(O)
  • Date of Purchase: October 2020
  • Kms Driven till date: 15,500

This was my first car with my own money (My family owned cars like Esteem, Swift Dzire, Ciaz, & i20). I learnt to drive at a young age and immediately got a license when I turned 18.

When I did TD of the Creta Turbo DCT combination, I immediately fell in love with the power and the way the DCT was shifting. I did a fair amount of research on DCT and was aware of the reliability of DCT's in India. I went ahead and took a risk, just that I did not expect to bear the brunt so soon.


I was driving from Bangalore to Chennai with my better half on Thursday, October 21st afternoon. I usually maintain speeds up to 120 km/h on the highways, and occasionally go to sports mode or push the car up to 140 km/h if I find the road empty and safe. AT around 6.30 PM, when I crossed the busy Sriperumbudur junction at around 6 PM, I noticed the engine RPM abruptly rising. I was at a speed of ~30 to 40 km/h as there was traffic. Immediately the engine warning light came up and I noticed the vehicle had shifted to D1. I carefully managed to get off the highway(Luckily there was enough space beyond the highway shoulder at my location.) I switched my car off and started it again. The engine warning light was illuminated and an error came up in the display regarding emission control. I knew this was the same issue as mentioned in the article.

I tried to stay calm and tried their bluelink RSA button. Call never connected. Called customer care from my phone and booked an RSA pickup. RSA came within 45 minutes to the spot. I requested a flatbed. They politely complied with a zero degree flatbed and the driver was very professional and helpful. Car was sent to FPL Hyundai, Vanagaram, Chennai. We managed to reach our destination in Chennai with help from a friend.

The next day morning, I visited the service station. The SA was clueless and admitted this is the first time they are seeing an issue like this in the DCT model at their centre. I told them to start the diagnosis and give me the error code. It turned out to be the same P060194 error code. SA mentioned they will reach out to the senior technician for a full diagnosis and inform me by the evening of the next course of action. I get a call in the evening, and the SA says that the DCT Clutch Actuator has failed(Again the same issue as mentioned in the other thread). He says this will be replaced under warranty and will take 4 to 5 business days. By Sunday, we flew back to Bangalore and the car was in Chennai.

While I waited for the actuator to be replaced, I called my SA again and checked with him will the issue repeat even after the replacement. His reply to that gave me mixed feelings. He said that Hyundai is aware of certain issues in the DCT manufactured prior to Dec 2020. Apparently, they have a list of parts they expect to fail on the DCT and replacements are done with no questions asked. He even mentioned that my vehicle is on the list of the vehicles which have problematic parts in DCT as per Hyundai. When I asked him why not issue a recall and replace the parts in question, he said Hyundai is doing this reactively based on complaints and not proactive about it.

I really look forward to putting this actuator failure behind me and taking the car on long highway drives, but this answer is making me over-think. I am not really sure if I will get the confidence in taking this car back on the highway. I really loved the way this car was behaving on the road with comfort and smooth gear shifts. Looking forward to your advice and inputs on what I should do.

I will update you on the status of the car soon.

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