Dealer does not honour service package; Ford resolves issue

Within few minutes, he shifted his stand and said that since I did not bring the vehicle for service last year, the service contract is null and void and that this is “Ford India Policy”.

BHPian i74js recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have purchased Ford Flexi Service Contract for EcoSport during my previous service (Tier-1 / Silver) which is an offer for two regular services at INR 8099.

  • The first service was availed at the time of purchase of contract itself
  • The service contract is valid until 19 August 2021 (attached copy), a period of 24 months from the date of purchase of contract
  • I went for regular service today at Ford Authorized Service Outlet and the service advisor refused to entertain the flexi contract

Initially he cited the reason that the server was down, and I should pay the full-service amount in case he is not able to validate the contract. My submission to him was to confirm refund post validation to which I was told that this is valid only if the server is up by the time invoice is generated; once paid, there won’t be refund. Within few minutes, he shifted his stand and said that since I did not bring the vehicle for service last year, the service contract is null and void and that this is “Ford India Policy”.

  • Delhi was under multiple lock downs and work from home was the practice, car was thus parked at home
  • The contract has no such clause of voiding of my right if I do not get the scheduled service done
  • My contract is valid until 19 August 2021

If the Ford ASS is trying to fool me into paying, it’s important for me to bring this to the attention of Ford India. And if Ford India is into such practices, well in that case it is nothing beyond unethical business practice. Not sure for how long Ford India can pull on by fleecing its customers. I am sure there may be other forum members, who might have purchased or may be considering purchase of “flexi plan”. This is an alert for them. I decided not to get my car serviced and brought it back. The flexi contract and the job card asking for payment are appended.


Here's what BHPian gkveda had to say on the matter:

This is classic case of cheating by SA. You should ask for refusal reason in writing from the SA and escalate to Ford customer service. Most probably, the SA may not get his earnings or commission if he accepts servicing through flexi service contract certificate. Hence he is playing with you.

Otherwise, I don't see any reason for denial of the commitment. I think no car manufacturer would go down to such cheap and dirty unethical way to make money of 4000-5000 from customer. In fact, if you bring this to the notice of senior management within same dealership, they should be able to resolve this issue.

Neither Ford nor the dealership will like to spoil their reputation because of dirty attitude of the SA.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Not cool. I am just worried if the dealer is refusing to honor the contract because Ford India stopped reimbursing him. That points to a bigger problem. Do write to Ford India & update us with the response, and also try at another Ford dealer.

i74js provided an update:

"Ford Customer Care" responded to my complaint.

I was called by their representative yesterday evening. They understood my concerns and confirmed that they will offer a satisfactory resolution.

I have got the service done today. It was uneventful and smooth.

Instead of regular feedback / satisfaction score sheet, I was asked to record my satisfaction on a letter drafted by dealer; obviously with no choice over the language used except to put my signatures and vehicle number.

Nonetheless, the vehicle was taken in on-time, I was kept informed of the work being carried out and the car was shown to me prior to generating gate pass for exit.

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