Dealer urging me to get my Hyundai i20 serviced at a 6-month interval

The car is seldom used. It has been driven only 2,500 km since its last service in October 2021.

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I own a 2019 Hyundai Elite i20. Recently, I'm being chased up by the Hyundai dealers to get the car serviced for a 6-month service.

  • Last service: 30-Oct-2021
  • KMs driven since the last service: ~2500 KM
  • Daily drive: ~10 KM (car is primarily used by my wife to travel to the workplace)

The only issue I'm facing right now with my car is its front parking lights are not working. I was also planning to get an underbody coating during the next service.

Now if I decide to send my car for a 6-month service to get this fixed I'm sure the service center is going to push so many extra addons like AC disinfectant, wheel balancing, etc


  • Is a 6-month service required/mandatory? If yes, then what extra service should I opt for? (to avoid getting scammed)
  • As my car is still under warranty, should I get the front parking lights fixed outside the ASS?
  • Is underbody coating really required for a city like Hyderabad? (I'm under the assumption it is a must for coastal areas)

Here's what GTO had to say about the matter:

Pretty sure your 2019 Elite i20 requires just a single annual service. If your dealer wants to service it more frequently, it's because he wants to pad up his bank balance. Refer to your owner's manual and adhere to the schedules listed there only. It will be once a year. Honda dealers at one time used to keep calling all us City owners for servicing every 3 months! So many people I know fell for it.

No, do it in October when you send the car in for its annual service. Assuming your warranty is valid till then.

No. OEMs over-engineer their cars. These underbody coatings & the like are required only for old school cars like my Jeep, or say the Bolero today. Do it if you want your underbody to look good (I like that clean black look).

Here's what BHPian SoumenD had to say about the matter:

Looking at the thread title I thought it was another Honda victim. Yes, we pre-BS6 Jazz owners have a 6-month service schedule.

But AFAIK, i20 has only 1 annual service. You can just ignore his requests. Unless you have some issue which needs immediate attention no need to visit ASC before your next scheduled service. About add-ons like AC disinfectant and wheel balancing, just say a stern NO. Carry your service booklet and get the jobs done mentioned in that only, nothing less nothing more. And wheel balancing, always from outside. Period!

Here's what BHPian silverado had to say about the matter:

Ask your dealer if the service is free, if yes, go ahead. Else follow your owner's manual to the T for service intervals, which should be yearly.

Underbody coating if thick can act as a sound insulator, apart from that there is not much gain in modern cars and it's just one of the things dealers try to upsell.

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