Delhi could paint taxis (Incl. Uber & Ola) in vibrant colours


According to a media report, the Government of Delhi is planning to launch a new scheme, through which it aims to regulate the taxis plying on the roads of the national capital. The City Taxi Scheme will cover taxis including those operated by cab aggregators like Ola and Uber, but not the black & yellow vehicles. 

The plan is still in its initial stage. Before being finalised, the draft will be examined by a government panel comprising of the transport minister of Delhi and other senior officials.

All cabs, which are mostly white in colour, will have to be registered once the scheme is introduced following which, the transport department plans to assign them a distinct colour. According to the department, this will help in differentiating them from other vehicles on the road and make them easy for passengers to spot. While the new colour scheme is yet to be finalised, it is reported that the yellow and light green livery used on autorickshaws is being considered.

The black & yellow liveried cabs will be left untouched. There are around 40,000 of these taxis plying in Delhi. The Delhi Taxi Tourist Transporters Association had requested the transport department to retain the existing colours for these vehicles as they are believed to be iconic and popular with tourists.

Source: The Economic Times

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