DIY: Changed the brake fluid & speedo lens on my 2006 Maruti Swift

The speedometer lens had a lot of scratches and it had cracks on the right side.

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DIY Brake fluid Change

It was high time that I change the brake fluid since according to the Service history, it was replaced in 2018 which makes it 4 years old. Since brake fluid is hygroscopic meaning it absorbs moisture, it is a risk and harms the braking system.

I procured 1Litre of KBX Dot 4 Clear brake fluid from my Local Parts Store.

Watched lots of Brake flushing videos and I was ready to do it. Unfortunately, I could not click a lot of photos due to my hands being dirty.

Started bleeding the brakes from the farthest wheel cylinder which is the rear left, rear right, front left and lastly the front right. Just when I wanted to unscrew the Front left, the bleeder nut slipped and I tried every method possible.

I was scared that if i try too hard, the bleeder nut would break off, which would mean the caliper would have to be taken to the lathe if it has to be removed. I called up my Mechanic who came to assist me happily free of charge

The Stubborn Bleeder nut

New Sliding Pin

Part number:55850M75J11

Price: ₹150

Link: Calliper sliding pins

He whacked on the bleeder nut and at last after multiple tries that sucker broke free. I managed to get two new bleeder nuts and also changed and greased the sliding pins of the caliper. Job was done perfectly !! The pedal feel was much better than before and the brake bite too increased since we sanded the glazed brake pads.

Changing Speedometer Lens

The speedometer lens had a lot of scratches and it had cracks on the right side, removed the covers and disconnected the speedometer.

Called my MGP and asked them if they have a Lens in stock, Lucky for me they did. Got it in the afternoon and installed it carefully and made sure no dust or lint is stuck inside. Waxed the Lens and connected the speedometer back.

Part number: 34112M75J00

Price: ₹200

Link: Speedo lens

Looks after replacing the Lens.

One of my Favourite Photos

Adding a Protection film to the Head Unit

The Head unit was taking a lot of scratches on its factory film since it was very thin, Dad gave me a idea of getting the iPad screen film and cutting it out to the screen size of the HU and sticking it. BRILLIANT !!!

Ordered from amazon for about ₹90 and I cut it out according to the HU screen Size.


It's been more than a year since this film had been installed on the HU and till date there are no major scratches. Added bonus, its easy to clean it too.

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