DIY: Installed side stand extender on my 2022 Royal Enfield Himalayan

The stand offers a substantially larger footprint for much better weight distribution.

BHPian WhiskeyTangoFox recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The weight of the Himalayan oftentimes causes the side stand to sink into soft surfaces such as mud, sand , grass etc and can be quite unnerving. I was on the lookout for a side stand extender for quite a while, and the people following the thread might remember that I did try out a cheap one from Amazon only to be left utterly disappointed. I figured that if I have to get one, it'll be the extender from Viaterra (Again, not sponsored, although I wish I was xD).

I guess the planets were aligned just right because TBHPs Resident Santa Claus (Atleast for me ) BHpian shyamg28 was kind enough to pass on a Viaterra Side Stand Extender that he had procured earlier, but wasn't using. Many thanks Shyam

I kid you not, I don't think any other company has put this much thought into a Side Stand Extender. Just watch this video and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

The stand is made of Milled stainless steel and oozes quality when you hold it:

Offers a substantially larger footprint for much better weight distribution:

Was a piece of cake to install, especially compared to that cheap crap that I bought and returned earlier. The unit also comes with Loctite thread locker and spring washer to prevent the screws from coming loose due to vibrations.

As always, I'm absolutely amazed by Viaterra's attention to detail and quality. Would 10/10 recommend.

Quite a looker eh?

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