DIY: Repairing the chain roller on a TVS Apache RR310

All one needs is a basic set of tools and a rubber tyre tube.

BHPian stanjohn123 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My RR310's chain roller was worn out and started making a chain rattling noise. But instead of replacing it, I did a Jugaad to reuse it. So this DIY is all about that.

I made a vlog of it as well, so those who want can watch it here.

Things required :

  1. Old Tyre Tube
  2. Scissors
  3. Flathead screwdriver
  4. 2 x 12mm wrench
  5. Super Glue

Let's start the DIY, shall we?

STEP 1 : Remove the chain roller.

The space is really tight around the roller. That's why it's better to use 2 spanners rather than a socket wrench. You need to remove the 12 mm bolt. For that, place one spanner on the 12 mm bolt that is visible on the front and use the 2nd spanner to rotate the nut that is just behind the Roller.

No use rotating the bolt as it just keeps rotating. Just loosen and remove the nut and washer that is behind first and then insert the flat head screwdriver from behind to push forward the bolt. Once the bolt comes forward, you can easily remove the roller.

STEP 2 : Fixing worn out roller.

Cut the rubber tube into a rectangular shape. Then wash the roller and piece of tube. Dry it properly and then cut it again into smaller shapes.

My roller had 2 grooves, so I needed to cut 2 smaller strips of rubber to fill that groove.

If you haven't used super glue before, just remember, it is really sticky and you can glue your fingers together and get yourself into trouble and might need to see a doctor. So be very careful with it.

Apply Superglue on the groove and then paste the rubber strip over it.

STEP 3 : Apply 2 more layers of the rubber strip over the roller with the help of Super Glue.

This is how the roller will finally look like.

STEP 4 : Refit the roller back in place in reversal.

Also better to do chain cleaning and lubing after this step.

That's it. Hope you enjoy this DIY.

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