Engine mount bracket breaks on brand-new Kia Sonet

The engine mount bracket could have broken due to a metallurgical defect.

The engine mount bracket on a brand new Kia Sonet owned by BHPian Slickshift99's pal broke after the car went over a pothole.

The car, a Kia Sonet HTK+ petrol, was delivered on December 20, 2020. On December 27, the Sonet ran over a pothole, following which the engine mount bracket broke. It caused a rattling noise from the engine bay and the car was towed away by Kia's roadside assistance. The company has claimed that it will take approximately 5 days to repair the vehicle.

From the images, it looks like the part has sheared off, which could be due to a metallurgical defect.

Many of us have hit big or small potholes at speed, sometimes causing damage to the tyre or rim. It is rather unusual to see an engine mount bracket break due to a pothole, especially on a new car.

Thanks to BHPian Slickshift99 for sharing this with other enthusiasts.

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