Engine mount problems in my Honda Amaze

What disappoints me is the lower parts quality that has arisen from the probable cost-cutting and occasional visits to the Honda Authorised Service Center to get them replaced.

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Hello Bhpians,

This post is to clarify some issues that I am facing on my Honda Amaze VMT Diesel(2019). It is around 2 years old and has clocked 26000kms on the odo. I absolutely love the car when it comes to its drivability and its use as a family car. What disappoints me is the lower parts quality that has arisen from the probable cost-cutting and occasional visits to the Honda Authorised Service Center to get them replaced.

A bit of back story:

Incident 1: In January 2020, I had noticed that there was a slight rattling sound from the front right wheel side during gear shifts as well as while pressing/releasing the accelerator. My initial thought was the sound was coming from the CV axle as the sound was more like a clinking than a rattling sound. Upon visual inspection, the CV axle boot looked intact and there was no leakage of grease. So, I approached the service center with the concern. They were initially ignorant of the issue stating that it is normal but when the car was driven with full load, the rattling was quite obvious. Upon detailed inspection, they concluded that the sound was coming from the CV axle but the cause lied somewhere else. The Engine side engine mount was damaged and it was not containing the engine jerks whenever there was a torque transfer. The part was replaced under warranty.

  • Repair date : 18-01-2020.
  • Part Number : 50820TSWK04 - MTG RUB ASSY. ENG SIDE - Rs 3157.36.
  • Kms Driven: 3643.

Incident 2: In September 2020, I was at the service center to get the front lower arms replaced(another faulty part) and the service advisor noted that the way the car jerked when the engine was turned off was abnormal. They checked the issue and identified that the transmission side engine mounting was replaced. The engine jerks during startup/shutdown was not something that I was bothered about but since the service advisor suggested to replace it, the mounting was replaced under warranty.

  • Repair date : 15-09-2020.
  • Part Number : 50850TSWK02 - MTG RUB ASSY.TRNS(MT) -Rs 1981.42.
  • Kms Driven: 10290.

Incident 3: February 2021: The ride quality was found to have terribly deteriorated as the car would jerk whenever the accelerator was pressed or released. It didn't matter how soft you released or pressed the accelerator. The gear shifts were also equally jerky. This was quite irritating and I once again approached the service center. They took a test drive and dismissed my concern with the argument that it was common for all Amazes. This was something that I couldn't agree on as the car was driving smooth till then. So, I came back home and had a look under the hood. I wasn't surprised when I saw oil leak near the side engine mount and the range of motion of the axis seemed to be abnormal. So shot some videos and pics and sent it to the service center guy and got it replaced under warranty. I was totally pissed off at the fact that they dismissed my concern earlier without even checking the engine mounts. Here is a link to video shot at that time.

  • Repair date : 04-02-2021.
  • Part Number : 50820TSWK04 - MTG RUB ASSY. ENG SIDE - Rs 3381.33.
  • Kms Driven: 15632.

Side engine mount:

Here is a link to the side engine mount video.

Here's what BHPian vishy76 had to say on the matter:

What you see leaking from the mount is hydraulic fluid. This is in all probability a hydraulic mounting whose primary purpose is to attach the engine to the monocoque and secondary purpose is to dampen put vibrations from the engine and restrict drivetrain movement. Since the fluid has leaked out, it's not doing either in a very effective manner.

I am very curious to know how Honda thinks this is normal. Especially when hydraulic fluid can clearly be spotted leaking from the mount itself, even if we keep aside engine movement and shake. Honda's quality really seems to have nose dived in the past half a decade or so. I hear of 1000 km done cars needing control arm replacements and the likes.

I would suggest taking your car to another competent ASC and having it diagnosed again.

Here's what BHPian eccentric had to say on the matter:

Clear case of hydraulic mount going bust! Typical Honda traits of using inferior rubber across variety of parts including door seals, window weatherstrips, suspension components etc.

Rattles and squeaks, suspension falling apart, water leakage, poor paint quality, useless service advisors and tardy chief test drivers are all badges of honor for Honda India stable.


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