Enthusiasts share their favourite OEM colour options on cars

To be fair, the car’s design also is a big factor in highlighting the paint.

When it comes to car colours, white and silver have always been the most popular in India. Of course, over the years, customers have warmed up to other colours as well and manufacturers have also become bold enough to offer some unique shades to set their car apart from the crowd.

To be fair, the car’s design also is a big factor in highlighting the paint. Of course, this is a subjective matter. I am listing out some of the car colour options that I found to be extremely eye-catching:

Skoda Octavia vRS in Corrida Red - I still remember driving this car when it was launched. The red colour attracted a lot of attention on the road:

Tata Harrier Facelift in Sunlit Yellow - Bold of Tata to offer this shade. It looks really good in person and goes well with the new design as well:

Skoda Kodiaq in Lava Blue Metallic - Very classy colour IMO:

Land Rover Defender in Gondwana Stone - Again, a very classy paint shade that goes well with the character of the Defender:

Porsche Taycan in Mamba Green - Recently saw a Taycan Turbo in person, and it looked absolutely beautiful in this shade of green:

Do share your favourite colour option from a car manufacturer.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

A really good thread , thanks for sharing! Especially since so many manufacturers are now offering different body shades.

I love all the car colours in the opening post. Over & above those, this amazing matte finish from the factory itself:

Red with black roof / accents and decent rims by OEM standards:

A deadly car in a deadly stealth all-black:

Never been a fan of grey cars, yet this grey takes my breath away:

More than any other car...more than even a Mustang or Beetle...I think yellow was created for the Nano:

That being said, big majestic cars look their best in white only:


Here's what BHPian chinkara had to say on the matter:

Agree about the Lava Blue Metallic from Skoda.

Also love the Wild Cherry Red of VW Virtus, more than the red of the Octavia.

And the green Jeep Meridian.

Here's what BHPian GForceEnjoyer had to say on the matter:

Mine has to be Mazda's Soul Red. Having seen a Miata in this colour in the US, the way it catches sunlight is simply stunning.

Here's what BHPian TaurusSHO had to say on the matter:

Volkswagen's Curcuma Yellow, especially on the Virtus. This is such an exotic looking colour on a mass market car.

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