eRideLite electric bikes launched, prices start at Rs. 23,900


Bangalore-based crowdfunding platform - 'FuelADream' - has launched a new electric bike called eRideLite. It is available in two variants that are differentiated by their operational range. The eRideLite 50 can travel 50 km on a single charge and is priced from Rs. 23,900, while the eRideLite 90 has a range of 90 km and starts at Rs. 35,900.

Like all electric bikes, the eRideLite can be used in two modes: electric and pedal. In the electric mode, the bike draws power from a battery-driven motor and can be ridden at speeds up to 25 km/h. It can accelerate from 0-20 km/h in 10 seconds. On the other hand, pedal mode allows the rider to use it like a conventional cycle. It is equipped with 6 gears which can come in handy in the manual/pedal mode.

The battery is placed just behind the seat tube of the bike, while the motor is located in the rear wheel's hub. The bike gets disc brakes at the front and rear, a front suspension and a headlight.

eRideLite is currently available for pre-orders on the FuelADream crowdfunding platform. FuelADream claims that selling these bikes on its platform helps in reducing working capital and inventory costs. This in turn has helped to keep prices in check.

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