Euro NCAP stripdown audit reveals 'for crash test only' parts

Euro NCAP and UK-based safety company Thatcham Research have revealed that they found components marked "for crash test only" and "for Euro NCAP only" on some cars while conducting stripdown audits. Some of the parts with such labels include airbag modules and ISOFIX points.

All mass produced cars being sold in the European Union undergo mandatory crash tests conducted by Euro NCAP. In some cases, researchers have stripped the car down to inspect individual components. They have come across parts that were marked or had suspicious labelling. Most of these parts had come from third party suppliers.

When the carmakers were asked for an explanation, one of the reasons given was that these components are taken from production slots with tight deadlines and such markings helped in preventing delays. Investigators also revealed that they visited car and parts' factories. Euro NCAP also retested vehicles in case of any suspicion. The organisation has also revealed that there has been no deliberate attempt to cheat in the tests.

Since the last two years, Euro NCAP has not come across any marked parts. One of the reasons could be the emission scandal, because of which, car companies are looking at their internal processes and also knowing that the testing agency would keep an eye on discrepancies.

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