Experience: Drove the entire Porsche range including GT3 RS on track

The hospitality by Porsche was top notch and the experience was well worth the money.

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The Porsche track experience was something special in Kari, Coimbatore. Porsche announced track experiences in India and I had to sign up for it. Driving a Porsche on track is every car enthusiasts dream. I have had the opportunity of driving 911's outside India on track but this was the first time I could experience the entire Porsche range sold in India on track. The hospitality by Porsche was top notch and the experience was well worth the money.

I reached Coimbatore in the evening and after the registration formalities and a scrumptious dinner, retired for the night to an eventful track day the next morning.

We reached the track around 9 am and after a short drivers briefing, we were divided into groups for the different events planned for the day.

First was the ABS testing, in a Panamera Turbo S with ceramic brakes. The Panamera had brutal acceleration and braking was equally mind bending. It is impossible to fathom how agile and quick the Panamera Turbo S is. We did multiple runs of hard acceleration and equally hard braking with change of direction, the car kept at it without breaking a sweat.

Next up was a cornering test with the Macan GTS, Macan 2.0 and Cayenne Turbo. All of them hid their mass well and the Porsche handling is always special. Macan GTS felt the best with all the options ticked and the lovely Pirelli Corsa tyres.

Finally, the best was saved for the last. We had a slalom course in the 992 911 Carrera S and the 991.2 911 GT3 RS. The GT3 RS was sublime as expected but the 911 held its own too.

Then after a quick lunch, we did around 3 laps around Kari track in each of the cars. The GT3 RS took the cake here with its 9000rpm redline and steering feel. What a car!

We even got to experience the Taycan over a few laps in the circuit. It was fast but somehow I am still not used to the electric car feel.

A big thanks to Porsche India for conducting this event in India and looking forward to the next one in Buddh. Porsche seems to be the most logical upgrade from the M340i. Wish they priced it better especially with the options in India.

Some random images from the event.

Lovely colours.

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