Fake number plate: My Dzire's number found on a Hyundai Verna

Based on the image on the e-challan, the registration number is of my car but the vehicle in the picture is not my silver Maruti Dzire but a white Verna.

BHPian EzBreeze recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Our Dzire (silver colour) car is registered in Mumbai. We have received an e-challan for a Hyundai Verna (white colour and same number plate - as per the car image visible in e-challan) for tinted glass. It means the Hyundai Verna is using a fake number plate by using my Dzire's number.

Please guide me on what action is required to be taken from my end to stop Hyundai Verna from using my car number and save myself from the breach of law done by Hyundai Verna. Also, please guide the process of lodging an online complaint with Mumbai RTO.

Thanks in advance.

Here's what BHPian Rahul Bhalgat had to say about the matter:

If the police system does not find time and priority to investigate this, you will need to spend some time and effort to trace this car. What you can do is:

Find out the location where the image has been clicked for the challan.

Keep a watch at that location for a few days. It is likely that the same car will pass through the same location some time. I know, there is probability involved. But you need to try your luck. Try at around the challan time.

Once (and if) you find this car, follow it and trace its residence. Then report to the police station in that area.

Parallelly, do file a police complaint enclosing the copy of challan.

The person who fakes the car number plate is likely to generate many more challans because he will be carefree, he won't bother. Keep looking for these challans and keep watching those places too. The car is likely to be frequent at challan locations.

Keep all the traffic policemen at the challan locations informed personally about this car. They are more likely to spot it. And if they do, they will definitely stop it.

I know, this involves time and effort. You may hire a detective to do this if you can afford it.

Here's what BHPian PaddleShifter had to say about the matter:

I am not a legal expert. My recommendation is the following:

  • I see no point in doing the detective work, etc. This is not Gotham that you will be able to deal with a person running a fake number plate easily. Having seen the way lawyers work, I’d recommend staying away from them too, unless there is no other option.
  • First of all, file a police complaint/FIR that someone is using your car’s plates on another car.
  • Submit a copy of this FIR to the RTO. Email a copy of FIR and other details to traffic police DCP and other higher officials in your area. Alternatively, you can directly write to the traffic police officials and email RTO as well.
  • Do you have any receipt of road tax payment/car purchase, etc? You can also attach those additionally as proof of being the actual owner of this number.
  • Mention details in the email and do mention that you are worried that the Verna might be used for illegal activities. Request them to take immediate action.
  • Once you have all the evidence, you will be safe from any future headaches. In a democracy, the role of police can not be taken up by the citizen themselves beyond a certain limit. No point going after the Verna yourself.

Here's what BHPian speedmiester had to say about the matter:

Recommend you to first file a police complaint and register an FIR in this case, then reach out to your RTO to get the issue sorted. Involve a lawyer if required.

Do not take any chance. If the other car is used in any unlawful activity then it will be a major headache to get it sorted.

Here's what BHPian Indian2003 had to say about the matter:

About 20 years ago, I got a huge bill for parking and toll road fees. I had a car with that number plate on a Ford Granada that I scrapped around 1990. The case had been sent to a collection agency.

I got a copy of the documents that the car had been scrapped and that I got the 300 Euro paid for scrapping your car.

The agency called me and asked me if I was going to pay before they took legal action and I told them that I would be sending them a letter with an explanation.

I made a photocopy of my finger and sent it to them. I never heard from them again.

This case did go on for about a year before some spark there checked with the Road Transport Department and found out the car had been scrapped.

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