Ferrari to drop in-car navigation from all its future models

Both the new Purosangue & 12Cilindri will not feature an in-car navigation system.

According to a media report, Ferrari will stop offering its own satellite navigation system on its future models. The Italian carmaker stated that the system is much better on smartphones, and hence, it plans to remove the feature entirely across all its models.

Future Ferrari models, including the new Purosangue & 12Cilindri, will not feature an in-car navigation system. Customers can instead use the feature on their smartphones. Emanuele Carando, Head of Product Marketing, Ferrari, stated that smartphones offer the 'most user-friendly" system, which is also regularly updated - making the in-car dedicated system mostly redundant. Carando stated that since Ferrari owners don't use their cars every day, it doesn't make sense to keep a system they rarely use.

Not just Ferrari owners, a majority of people worldwide use a smartphone, and according to Carando, they are "the most useful things they can use on every car."

Carando stated, "We did this because we think the phone, and the fantastic mirroring of the phone, is the most user-friendly possibility, and [the] most updated system." He further added, "Our cars are not used on an everyday basis, and we don't want our clients to learn every time [they drive their Ferrari] what kind of system they have to use. They have [their] phone, they have their Apple and Google Maps [or] whatever. So [they are] the most useful things they can use on every car."

Source: Drive

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