Ferrari will never have a self-driving car, confirms CEO

They will, however, continue to develop various driver assistance systems.

According to a media report, Benedetto Vigna - CEO of Ferrari, has confirmed that the Italian brand will never build a self-driving supercar.

The Italian supercar brand recently hosted AI experts who wanted to convince the company to embrace autonomous driving technology. CEO Vigna instead offered them a spin in a Ferrari car around the brand's Fiorano test track. The AI experts got out of the car post the ride and acknowledged that their presentation was useless.

Ferrari's CEO went on to say that while the brand will never offer level-5 autonomous technology in its cars, it will continue to develop and offer various driver assistance systems. Vigna stated that customers don't spend money only to let the computer in the car enjoy the drive.

Alongside this, the Italian supercar brand also confirmed plans to introduce 15 new models by 2030, including its first fully-electric supercar and a LaFerrari successor.

Source: Bloomberg

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