First long drive in my Volvo C40 Recharge:657 km done in 14.6kWh/100km

Next day went to Anert charging station at kunnamkulam and charged upto 90% (60kw charger). Took 30mins & Rs 500.

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Took My C40 for its first real long drive

Kollam to Guruvayur and back. Also had some local trips to Guruvayur and Kunnamkulam.

Started my trip on Friday (July 5th, 2024) evening around 5 pm from Kollam with 99% SOC with me and my child. The traffic was really heavy and the road up to Ernakulam was really bad due to the national highway work. Also, it was raining really heavily all through the route. Reached Guruvayur by midnight with 55% SOC. Total of 245km. Energy consumption was 14kwh/100km. The next day went to Anert charging station at kunnamkulam and charged up to 90% (60kw charger). Took 30mins & Rs 500. After some local trips on Saturday. Started back home with 72% SOC by around 10 am on Sunday with my wife and kid. The traffic was light. It was really sunny all through and kept the AC between 20-24 degrees. Reached home by 5 pm with 29% SOC remaining. A total of 248.8 km distance on Sunday. Energy consumption 13.4kwh/100km.. The total trip was 657km with an average energy consumption of 14.6kwh/100km..

The positives from the trip:

  • Excellent power on tap
  • Excellent handling
  • The sound system is great
  • Excellent range and driving comfort
  • Google system is good. The battery charge @ arrival is reasonably accurate and is a good feature to have. It is also easy to find charging stations so far


  • The ride quality is really stiff. You really feel all the bad roads.
  • Compared to my previous XC40, the fit, and finish, and the fineness is much lower

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