First service experience of my VW Taigun: What I liked & what I didn't

I filled a form on the VW website for 1st paid service. Surprisingly, nobody called even after 1 week.

BHPian captain planet recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello BHPians!

Last year, I purchased my VW Taigun after reading through the forums for a long time. Thanks to all of you.

Since, I'm one of the early buyers of the vehicle and a part of TAIGUN SQUAD (prebooked before price reveal) I think I can be of some use to other members in the forum.

Here's the 1st service experience of my Taigun as it completed its 1st year at the start of October:

About the vehicle:

VW Taigun Highline AT purchased for Rs. 16,70,000 (14,10,000) from VW Indore with RTO regitstration and insurance.


Indore has only one VW dealer & that is also the authorized service center.

Of all people that I knew from purchase of my vehicle from VW Indore either left the firm or changed their number. And my home is 70 km from the dealership. So, I filled a form on the VW website for 1st paid service.

Surprisingly, nobody called even after 1 week. So, I decided to pay a visit to the dealership on Saturday. Service advisors declined to service the vehicle asking to come after 3-4 days even after I told them about raising a service request.

But somehow, the guy who actually does the servicing heard me saying to my friend outside (mail likh dete hain VW ko, Team BHP pe bhi mention krdenge) & saw Advocate badge on the vehicle. He convinced service advisors to book appointment next day "Sunday". I managed to stay at somebody's house that night.


  • Next day I went to the dealer at 10 a.m. & asked the guy:
  • To do periodic 1 year service.
  • My fender got loose so asked them to tighten it.
  • Rear seat belts were not buckling up because of the seat covers installed by dealer earlier. (leather top line ones).
  • Horn upgrade.
  • Creaking noise from center console (around gear knob silver part).
  • Loose lower window rubber beading & chrome garnish for the same.
  • Window one-touch up-down not working.
  • Install dashcam.
  • Tyre inflator with auto cut.
  • 3m Anti rodent coating.

Out of these, they:

  • Did the periodic service. Parts used were: pollen filter, cleaner, lubricant spray, engine oil, oil filter, screw, air filter, another cleaner, antifriction tape.
  • Fixed loose fender, but put a small dent (sad).
  • Didn't pull out the rear seat belt buckles citing accessory guy is not available. very bad.
  • Horn upgrade - declined (due to warranty).
  • Didn't fix center console creaking & applied saint gobain tape instead (doors were already fine from day 1).
  • Once again, they lubricated the window rubber and didn't replace the window winding motor saying part needs to be ordered. (did the same on 6 month service).
  • No info for the dashcam & tyre inflator - accessories guy was not there and others didn't bother to provide information.
  • Updated software (AC was already fine but is now super chilling).
  • 3M Anti rodent coating - 3m guy present at the delaership did coating only on engine top. All wires at the bottom were left, wheel arches were left, didn't even bother to lift the vehicle to cover underbody wires. I realized I have been looted later after reading the 3m rat attack thread. Very very poor.
  • Car wash - nicely done specially interiors.

My experience:

I didn't ask (what & why) about any inclusions/exclusions in the sheet as I wanted to see what they do by themselves for the first paid service. Total bill for the 1st service was Rs. 3681 only with labour charges waived which was very nice! Surprisingly they used VW's LONGLIFE IV FE 0W-20 engine oil for my Taigun.

But what I found weird and unexpected was 3M Anti rodent coating's charge of Rs. 1984.

I didn't see the details at that time as the total sum Rs. 5,666/- looked to me in the expected range & I was happy I didn't have to go back empty handed.

But later realized that 3M guy at the dealership didn't even cover wheel arches and bottom wires. So, I bought a spray myself later (Rs.531 - Amazon) and did it. Another bad thing I experienced is part availability for window winding motor - it has been almost an year and my window does not work. Yesterday I called them to place the order already so that next time part is already available but they told me, we can't order the part without your vehicle present here. So, they are asking me to visit again just to place an order and later visit again to actually install the new motor. Disappointing!

Overall I found behaviour of the staff very ignorant because they are the only option we people have here.

Here's a picture of the squirrel attack on battery cover after which I ordered 3m spray:

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