Fitting a Carnewal GT exhaust to my Porsche Boxster S

The Porsche flat 6 has a very nice and distinctive sound that I did not want to change. The carnewal exhaust just amplifies the factory sound a little better.

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I've had the car for 1.5 years now and since I bought it, I've been itching to get just one modification - the exhaust.

Introducing the Carnewal GT Exhaust

I've been eyeing this exhaust for the past year or so. In my countless hours of research, looking at many options such as IPE, Armytrix, PSE etc. I kept coming back to this one. It is basically an internally modified stock exhaust that I imported from Belgium (big hassle and not importing any car parts myself again). The reason I wanted this one was that it doesn’t change the sound of the car at all (which most of the other exhausts do). The Porsche flat 6 has a very nice and distinctive sound that I did not want to change. The Carnewal exhaust just amplifies the factory sound a little better. It's nowhere as loud as the other options but it's slightly louder than stock, which is exactly what I wanted. There is also a nice growl at lower RPM's and absolutely no drone. Just got it a couple of days ago, so still getting to know it but initial impressions are really nice. Admittedly, maybe I would have liked it to be a tad bit louder but on the flip side, it is totally legal with zero risk of problems with the cops haha!

Here are some clips of the new exhaust:

  1. Cold Start
  2. Exterior Revs
  3. Interior Revs
  4. Driving

Another small mod (if you can call it that):

It's a yellow car with yellow dials, but the interiors are all black. While it looks nice, the interiors always felt a bit plain when compared to the exterior colour. Always wanted to do something about this and the initial plan was to get yellow seat belts to add some colour to the interior. But then I realised that Porsche seat belts will cost me around 1L to change.

Dropped that pretty quickly and then I had another idea - I saw that Porsche offers owners the option to get their interior trim in body colour from the factory. I checked if I could buy the trim and install but that again costs huge $$ to do. So, I got the trim wrapped. Looks amazing, cheap and reversible. Such a simple mod and it elevates the interior experience SO much. While wrapping the trim in yellow, I also went ahead and wrapped the door handles, steering wheel trim and dashboard handle in matte carbon fibre. I know all of you will not agree with the CF but I like it and I think it looks much better that the dull silver trim that it replaces. Here is a picture of the interior post the wrap job.

Other general updates:

  • Since the lockdown lifted, I have started using the car a lot more now. It's now my go-to car for airport runs where I need to pick/drop just 1 person. Luggage is never a problem as believe it or not, this can take 2 full medium sized suitcases - 1 each in the frunk and trunk.
  • Got some nice yellow driving gloves. Super unnecessary but I couldn’t help myself.
  • Got the wiper blades replaced.

And that's it. One and a half years in and still loving it

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