Ford Figo 1.5 petrol AT: 50000 km up & other updates

Parts from the Figo S are being considered for the suspension upgrade, as I don't want to compromise on the practicality the car offers.

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Update after a long time!

Odo now stands at 52,000.

First set of tyres were worn out, decided to change the alloys too, suspension upgrade too was planned, but more on this later.

Initial idea was to retain the stock looks by opting for the 15 inch alloys from the Blu Variant, but sadly they were out of stock and was informed that it will take at least a week's time to get them, I had few long trips planned, hence had to go the aftermarket way.

Decided to get the job done at Lal tyres near Sathyam theatre, as I had good experience with them before. Ford's weird PCD meant very few options were there, which actually made it easier to zero in on these beautiful 15 inch 7j Lenso samurai wheels. Details are amazing, and the extra width had totally changed the stance of the ride, car no longer looks like it skips leg day. For the tyres, I went with Yokohama S drive 195/55 R15, so far extremely satisfied with the grip and reduced body roll thanks to reduced sidewall thickness. Mileage has taken a hit though, almost 2 kmpl difference after the alloy/tyre swap( was higher initially).

50k milestone, zero issues so far:

Beautiful alloys with nearly designed Yokohama S drive, not a fan of these red hub caps:

7j = aggressive stance when compared with sad 14inch stock wheels, mud splash is the only issue till now, tyres doesn't scrap even on full steering lock:

At Speedcarewash:

Paint has aged well, looks fresh even after heavy sun exposure:

Wheel wells filled up with not much gap, suspension upgrade could make this even better:

Still shiny and bright:

Suspension upgrade:

Have been running around and talking to few tuners for suspension upgrade. Parts from the Figo S are being considered as I don't want to compromise on the practicality the car offers. Harsh suspension and low GC are a big no no as I tackle horrendous roads on a regular basis. Sadly no one want to take this job up, as it is a simple plug and play of few low priced OEM parts that are also extremely hard to source in the open market. Understandable. Hopefully I get this done in one way or the other, any leads in Chennai will be much appreciated.

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